Turn Webflow websites in Progressive Web Apps

Can you add the ability to upload two files a manifest.json file and a serviceworkers.js file to the location where the website is hosted. (these files are extremely small). Once we can upload these 2 files, we can add a couple of javescript lines to the header of each page, and we can start taking advantage of the Progressive Web Apps (PWA's). When a website is PWA compliant, we can start using local cache so websites load even when there is no internet. In Africa everybody access the internet through a phone, but a signal is not always available, when we use local cache they can still see the website without internet connection (of course they need to visit the website before when there is internet)

Also when the website is PWA compliant, it can act like a native app on your cellphone.I exported a website from webflow, added two files Manifest.json and serviceworker.js and added 10 lines of code in the header of each page, and the website became WPS compliant. No other change are needed.

  • Erik Vanderlaan
  • Aug 31 2018
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  • Frank Filipplli commented
    4 Feb 06:37pm

    This is just too simple, if you guys don't do this after all this time you just don't care!

  • Frank Filipplli commented
    4 Feb 06:35pm

    WOW over 5 years and nothing! I can't tell if Webflow is just lazy or clueless. This is such a basic feature that lesser web builders have already had for years now.

  • Dean Gray commented
    13 Jan 12:04am

    Massive impact possible with this feature, with ecosystem players like Wized around plus ability to make Webflow websites PWAs this combo could be massive - please make it happen.

  • Allen Hart commented
    6 Jan 06:17pm

    I'll pay $1k per year for this.

  • Miles commented
    12 Oct, 2023 06:18pm

    I will pay for this (as a freelancer) and the corporation I work for (enterprise) will also pay for this

  • HYPE Team commented
    6 Oct, 2023 10:57pm

    Imagine how cool it would be to have this pretty straightforward feature implemented! It could have an awesome impact, enabling us to create installable web apps with Webflow!

  • Patrick Luzny commented
    7 Jun, 2023 08:03pm

    This strikes me as a low effort, high-reward feature to implement, given the nearly 1,000 (as of this writing) votes.

  • Gregory Brewton commented
    24 May, 2023 03:58am

    This is pretty much a necro post at this point, but here it goes: Webflow is the only site builder I use. I always built all of my sites and applications from scratch. Most (not all) are Mongo Express React Node stack because of the flexibility and control and, most importantly, the ability to build for the web and have a platform-agnostic app on a phone or desktop. I've built a few PWAs by hand, so I know it can be a pain, but I would love to see this feature. My clients would love it, and would likely be willing to pay for it.

  • jåW dîN commented
    22 May, 2023 01:47pm

    "Reviewed" in 2021... what's the next step? 🤞

  • Ruhan Carlos Bortolanza commented
    13 May, 2023 02:45pm


  • Yannick Caron commented
    5 Apr, 2023 01:22pm

    This would be awesome since I love using Webflow to design and build web-apps. the only thing is that turning a webflow project into a pwa is such a hassle now. You have to either use progressier, webviewgold or any other solution that i might not be aware of.

  • Jean-Baptiste Minier commented
    19 Dec, 2022 02:04pm


  • Simon commented
    26 Sep, 2022 01:50pm


  • Sebbe IK commented
    13 Jul, 2022 09:44am


  • Reece Ward commented
    8 Jul, 2022 04:51pm


  • Guest commented
    18 Feb, 2022 05:07pm


    You can transfer you site to GitHub automated, where you can setup custom scripts OR you can use the intelligent prefetching feature which allows you to have a website available offline without any service worker!



  • L F commented
    18 Jan, 2022 05:32am


  • Sandro Hagen commented
    24 Oct, 2021 09:24am

    Come on let's make root directory access happen for this! Its 2021 and soon 2022! :-)

  • Maximilian Mäser commented
    6 Oct, 2021 05:54pm

    They should just add the option to access the root directory to make us create a service worker!

  • Lucas commented
    14 Sep, 2021 12:22pm

    This seems a MUST have in 2021. Let's do it !

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