Turn Webflow websites in Progressive Web Apps

Can you add the ability to upload two files a manifest.json file and a serviceworkers.js file to the location where the website is hosted. (these files are extremely small). Once we can upload these 2 files, we can add a couple of javescript lines to the header of each page, and we can start taking advantage of the Progressive Web Apps (PWA's). When a website is PWA compliant, we can start using local cache so websites load even when there is no internet. In Africa everybody access the internet through a phone, but a signal is not always available, when we use local cache they can still see the website without internet connection (of course they need to visit the website before when there is internet)

Also when the website is PWA compliant, it can act like a native app on your cellphone.I exported a website from webflow, added two files Manifest.json and serviceworker.js and added 10 lines of code in the header of each page, and the website became WPS compliant. No other change are needed.

  • Erik Vanderlaan
  • Aug 31 2018
  • Ammara Hayat commented
    8 Apr 11:12am

    I think it's really to work with webflow. I'm trying to push my clients towards Webflow and I can see them wanting this feature. web design company Bahrain

  • Abel Garcia commented
    14 Feb 07:30pm

    This feature will be really awesome!! 

  • Nick Harris commented
    25 Jan 04:29am

    You can turn any webflow site into PWA under 5 mins with 1 line of code:


  • Martijn Hoppenbrouwer commented
    22 Nov, 2019 11:20am

    This has much potential! 

  • Mark Ilott commented
    11 Nov, 2019 04:11am

    Found this thread as during our evaluation process. We will be able to use Webflow for prototyping and testing, but the lack of PWA support will prevent us from using it in production. Shame, everything else looks great.

  • Fortcrate Fortcrate commented
    10 Nov, 2019 06:16am

    Great idea!

  • Hiram commented
    8 Nov, 2019 05:08pm

    +3 to this. Emailed support about it too and that's how I landed here.

    I can't imagine it being anything too complicated from their end. Same way there is a place to write/paste code surrounding the body/head tags, we just need a place to upload these files specifically and have them be applied to the site root.

  • Sameh ElSokkary commented
    6 Nov, 2019 08:57pm

    Would really love to see it in Webflow

  • Andrew Johnson commented
    31 Oct, 2019 08:09pm

    Can we make this happen?

  • Matt Filion commented
    29 Oct, 2019 06:40pm

    This would be a fairly 'easy' very high value added win for all of us WebFlow users.

  • Erwin Bomans commented
    29 Oct, 2019 04:24pm

    I need this!

  • Blair Robert commented
    9 Jul, 2019 11:05pm

    I agree. I mainly like the full-screen mobile experience that PWA provides. Would be a much better way to show mobile prototypes that have been created with Webflow.

  • Gareth Moïson commented
    9 Apr, 2019 01:50pm

    That would be very great!

  • Nick Walton commented
    16 Feb, 2019 07:08am

    I've just started to look at Webflow and am immediately struck by the lack of developer engagement relative to recommendations and support of paid integration services that don't require programming. I don't understand the silence and lack of response to the accumulating body of ideas and requests for developer oriented features made by customers who are developers.

    I don't see the designer / developer focus as mutually exclusive and certainly don't think Webflow needs to focus on visual design to the exclusion of developer integrations.

    When I Google for developer related things like service workers, web workers, graphQL, fetch cms, against webflow all I am seeing are developer ideas and requests and generally no replies from Webflow people. It's not encouraging at all.

  • Hamish Maclean commented
    31 Jan, 2019 03:25am

    This would be awesome if it worked with webflow hosting / cms. The future in fact

  • Erik Vanderlaan commented
    29 Jan, 2019 02:32pm


  • Hemaxi Vaghela commented
    4 Jan, 2019 09:21am

     Hi Erik,

    Could you please provide your email?

  • Othon Nin commented
    22 Dec, 2018 01:19am

    That would be great!

  • Mitesh Patel commented
    19 Dec, 2018 04:50am

    this would be a great addition to the already awesome webflow. I hope the team behind is listening and would help in making this a reality. It would solve a lot of problems... rather than creating native iOS or android apps we could as designers directly prototype in webflow and publish as a PWA and stop worrying about deploying it at various app stores.

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