Trackable Project Hours

Keeping track of hours spent on client work is an important part of my process. Both for myself, and the client. There are many tools out there for tracking hours. (For example... a watch.) But could there be a way to implement this into Webflow itself? For example time is automatically tracked as soon as you start a project. You can view how much time you've spent developing at any time in the project settings. It'd be nice if this could be paused manually in the project editor itself. 

  • Riley Brown
  • Sep 8 2018
  • Chase Razabdouski commented
    26 Dec, 2018 05:16pm

    I came here to make this exact suggestion as a real "killer feature" for Webflow.  My hope is to add a few suggestions to make this something manageable for both Webflow's development team and all of us using Webflow for design.

    • Track total time spent in a project.
    • Maybe "time out" if no action is taken for 10 minutes or so
    • When a project is duplicated, list the time for the project like normal, but also give an FYI line about the amount of time spent in the source project at the time of duplication

    Then there are the low priority tools that would take a lot more development work, but would be Microsoft Office level awesome in attracting designers and developers.

    • Allow for "projects" to be created (maybe just use an API to leading Project Management tools) and break down time by sprint
    • Break down time by user (for teams)
    • And, of course, break down time "by user by sprint" (or task)
  • Matt Neve commented
    6 Dec, 2018 11:02am

    I think this would be an awesome feature! A great way to sell to a client to saying how much time is spent on their site.

    In addition what is the 'Active Design Time' relating to in the 'Overview' in the project settings (attached screenshot) As I've spent a lot longer than 36mins on this project. Is that based on last time it was open? Because that would be the basis of creating this system surely you just add them all up if its keeping track?

    Many Thanks


  • Allen Matsumoto commented
    5 Nov, 2018 07:23pm

    It would be nice to have the extra detail of specifically how much time was spent in a Webflow project. Full-on time tracking tools are ok when you to track multiple project time across multiple apps, which is pretty common for a lot of us. But they also require a commitment to maintain and manage, and since there's no magic wand to accurately capture what you're doing on/off and idle at computer, for many of us they aren't worth the effort.

    However, just knowing browser time in a given Webflow project (with a configurable idle time setting) would give great benefit:effort ratio for some people, or for days when you are largely doing all your billable work in Webflow. That's super useful data for me to use in whatever overall time tracking system I've got. 

    It's a faceless reporting feature as I imagine it, with just a record of recent project time, plus any settings like that configurable idle time appearing in a Project Settings tab, with downloadable full time data .csv option. 

  • Kevin Baum commented
    13 Sep, 2018 10:41am

    A number of easy browser extensions with invoice/billing that should work well eg zoho one but there are numbers depending on how you are running admin/billing/accounts etc.

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