Distraction Free Text Editing

There are some cases where direct in-place editing could use some help. Having a mode where text in hard-to-edit elements or long-form text is brought center screen for editing would help solve some of these pain points.

  • Make it more pleasurable to write long-form content like blog posts or articles (in the CMS or in static rich text elements) with a full-screen like distraction free mode (similar to many other apps)
  • Make it easier to edit text of elements hidden behind interactions, or with funky css or hover effects that currently requires disabling styles or interactions to reach the element to edit it's text content

This could be launched from the Designer's navigator, Designer Canvas's right click context menu, and/or some UI in CMS rich text fields.

  • Yoav Givati
  • Sep 11 2018
  • and 2 more