Responsive widget for Instagram feed

Love - Love - Love to have the ability to post a feed into my webflow sites.

I know there is custom coding out there but I'm not a coder.

To help make my argument for this feature, here is a wordpress plugin site that offers an instagram feed :

:) Cheers Chris

  • Chris Lobue
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Connie Sawatzky commented
    February 14, 2017 20:37

    Totally agree.  FB seems to becoming less active, and instagram is the new leader.  Don't code, so am totally stuck here! Would love to have a feed show or at least a drag and drop. Would be awesome.

  • Zac Lazare commented
    May 04, 2017 16:02

    Connie is right. Instagram feeds are in high demand. I have three projects in the queue at the moment, and they all want Instagram feeds on their sites. Please, please...pretty please add this feature!

  • Julien V. commented
    September 30, 2018 16:45

    I agree, a responsive widget for Instagram should be available in addition to Twitter and Facebook, there is a high demand.

  • Justin Beckman commented
    09 Feb 00:47

    I totally agree, it would be awesome to have Instgram integration built into Webflow. I would totally be willing to pay for one of the third-party integrations for this, but it's hard for me to sell a client on a monthly fee for their IG feed. A one-time fee is no problem, because I just integrate that into their invoice. For example, I've been using the Elfsight IG for Wordpress for several years, but it's a one-time fee with lifetime updates. Elfsight for Webflow, however, is a monthly (unless you know for sure you can keep your limit under 200 per month, then it's free).