Dropshipping Plugins

Would be really cool if webflow ecommerce would have the capability for dropshipping from ecommerce giants such as AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay ,Walmart etc.

  • Adams Udeh
  • Sep 27 2018
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  • Muhammad Bilal commented
    10 Feb, 2021 07:12pm


  • Dauren Meiramkulov commented
    21 Oct, 2020 10:50am

    YES PLS!

  • Veaceslav commented
    1 Sep, 2020 10:50pm

    absolutely yes, it will be nice

  • Valentino Figueroa commented
    9 Aug, 2020 05:23am

    Bro.. Yes.

  • Dan Gayle commented
    31 Jul, 2020 11:38am

    Yes please! This is something that would be of huge value and seems to be missing relative to other website platforms.

  • Gaynes Kayce commented
    3 May, 2020 04:12am

    Yes please.

  • Alex Navarro commented
    13 Feb, 2020 10:03pm

    Please provide a strong and stable solution for dropshipping. Webflow has great design and customisation capabilities, so if we could use Webflow to create a brand that uses dropshipping as a fulfilment method it would be great! You would help many people.

  • David miranda commented
    5 Sep, 2019 05:44pm

    Any update on this? I think this is the one think that webflow is lacking 

  • David Talas commented
    6 Aug, 2019 11:10am

    I vote for this too. For now, it looks like I need to add a subdomain for my shopify store, but then it will still be tricky to implement with facebook pixel...

  • Glenn McWhinney commented
    16 Jul, 2019 04:00pm

    I'm also interested in making use of Webflow for funnel building and so having the droppshipping feature set baked in would make my life so much better. For now, Shopify seems to be the best option but I'm looking forward to the day that Webflow nails this like it does with everything. +3 votes

  • Lawren Ayala commented
    4 Jul, 2019 08:33am

    The only reason I haven't started using Webflow is because this is the exact feature I am looking for. Besides that, everything else is absolutely great!

  • Detlev Obst commented
    31 May, 2019 09:01am

    My vote is simply to infuse logic that will allow me to dropship from any manufacturer, incl automatic inventory updates, order notifications, splitting orders by manufacturer, fulfillment notifications/status, payments, returns, ... 

  • Chris Sharp commented
    3 May, 2019 09:02pm

    Yea we need Orbelo style importing of Aliexpress products into your Webflow store asap. Youd get so many people switching to Web flow from sportify. 

  • Guillaume Chamant commented
    10 Apr, 2019 01:34am

    Hello, I'd like to have some updates about dropshipping with webflow from platforms like Printful, AliExpress, Amazon... I checked some videos but didn't find updates. 

  • Kevin Holland commented
    20 Feb, 2019 07:16pm

    @AmenityAnalytics what extension did you use for that link? 

  • AmenityAnalytics Viewer commented
    28 Sep, 2018 10:47am

    This is already being planned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JpbiItjrfU watch this :)

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