Integrating Webflow with react

It would be really cool to see Webflow growing as a prototyping tool, like Framer X.  Currently it's not easy to integrate Webflow-built stuff inside a React project. I would love to see more integration options.

  • Robert Cat
  • Sep 28 2018
  • In progress
  • Nov 22, 2022

    Admin response

    Giving developers the power of Components

    We’re opening a developer preview for DevLink, which lets you connect Webflow-built Components to your React code base.

    We’re also launching a developer preview of DevLink — a powerful new product that lets you bring the full power of Webflow Components into your React projects. This brings the full power of Webflow’s visual design tools to millions of developers building bespoke custom applications.

    Apply for access to the developer preview on our announcement page.

  • Abruptive Team commented
    28 Aug, 2019 11:30am

    Hey Robert,

    We just started building a free open-source Node.js package that aims to convert Webflow to React apps. Feel free to check it out at: - as well as contribute if you are experienced with JS. Any help or feedback would help!


  • André Marques commented
    5 Jan, 2019 07:11pm

    this library allows you to build realtime webapps and integrate it fully with webflow:

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