Allow different interactions for different breakpoints

Many times I'll use an interaction on a desktop view, but want a different one on mobile breakpoints. For example, on the desktop view I might a div to slide in from the right, but on the mobile view I want it to slide in from the bottom.

  • Chris Inclenrock
  • Jan 19 2017
  • Shipped
  • Nov 13, 2017

    Admin response

    Update 11/12/17: You can now implement IX2.0 for different breakpoints

    Update 1/19/17: This is planned as part of the work on Interactions 2.0

  • Rombout Versluijs commented
    13 Nov, 2017 07:16pm

    Yes its here, BUT.... where is that announcement mail?! Wasnt there a mailinglist we could enter when they would launch?

  • Rombout Versluijs commented
    13 Nov, 2017 07:11pm

    DOes this mean Interactions 2.0 are active now?

  • Seán Marsh commented
    30 Jul, 2017 12:29pm

    This would be fantastic! Very excited for this :-)

  • Hürkan Gökkaya commented
    17 Jul, 2017 12:23pm

    Today I solved this problem with copy of the element, set visible on setting to show just on desktop view and duplicate copy for mobile without the interaction. 

    It is good to hear, webflow is planning to add new option for selecting different Interactions for different views. 

  • Sara Seidler commented
    28 Jun, 2017 12:54pm

    Does anyone know the date of the release?

  • Rombout Versluijs commented
    16 May, 2017 08:15pm

    How can we fix this at the moment, cause due to certain interactions i loose functions on mobile. Buttons dont work and scroll interactive acts weird on mobile. Meaning interactions cant be really use properly.

  • Ali Sisk commented
    28 Mar, 2017 09:34pm

    Bring on Interactions 2.0!

  • Otto Berger commented
    22 Jan, 2017 09:09am


  • Cameron Johnson commented
    20 Jan, 2017 03:24am

    We are getting this! Awesome!

  • Jaro Quastenberg commented
    19 Jan, 2017 11:11am

    yeeeeah! on my list for so long!

  • Austin Reed commented
    19 Jan, 2017 04:21am

    Yes yes yes! 

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