Add more file format for file upload

For the file upload element in the CMS, I wish we could have more file format for upload.

For example ICS (can be used for Add to Calendar), MP3 (background music - with limited file size), MP4 (background video - with limited file size), etc.

  • SketchzLab
  • Oct 8 2018
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  • Keaton Lewis commented
    17 Jul, 2023 04:23pm

    PLEASE add this feature! I would love to make an easy "Add to Calendar" button for many of my webpages.

  • Mappa Workspace commented
    13 Jun, 2023 12:10am

    Have the custom file types been added to the CMS ? .gpx files aren't working.

  • Chris Wells commented
    13 Jun, 2022 12:58pm

    +1 for .BIB files please.

  • Rhys Dyson commented
    6 Aug, 2021 09:27am

    Any progress updates on MP3 support?

    I was just bought a 12 month account plan and spent 4 days rebuilding a prototype of a client site to migrate over from WordPress, only to discover WebFlow does not support MP3s files. The lack of MP3 support is an absolute deal breaker.

  • Jouke Zomer commented
    8 Dec, 2020 12:50pm

    Is there any way to upload a .gpx file in the cms? My client wants users to download the routefiles so they can ride the routes.

  • Webflow One commented
    4 Nov, 2020 09:25am

    We really need the ability to upload mp3 files... already two of my customers want to play sounds on their websites but there is not even the possibility to upload a mp3 file with cms... so we use a really unsatisfactory workaround with soundcloud links.

    It cant be that hard to make it able to upload a mp3 file and maybe even add an audio player which is nothing else than a button which plays a sound. I mean... its 2020 xD

    Here's a example of a website i want to be able to create with webflow:

  • Carrie Monescalchi commented
    3 Sep, 2020 06:06pm

    We really, really need the ability to upload .ics at the very least, it's a very small format and really a huge flaw here.

  • Russell Tice commented
    2 Jul, 2020 03:58pm

    Any updates on adding the ability to upload an ICS files to collections? Seems like a common need for scheduling events......

  • Dmitry Ratnikov commented
    24 May, 2020 09:41am

    Audio support is super needed! I'm forced to setup Amazon bucket, just to add 3 audio files to my Webflow cms hosted site. At least you could add mp3 support with 1gb quota for all audio per site!

  • Dmitry Ratnikov commented
    16 May, 2020 05:06pm

    Thanks for posting this, absolutely must have feature. The pric of CMS and E-commerce can easily withold mp3 and aac audio files, RAW images etc

  • Hamish Maclean commented
    30 May, 2019 12:54am

    I would like the size limit per file to be higher. A minimum of 30mb. This will allow people to submit quality images. It would have to be larger for RAW files.

  • Jan-Niclas Burghard commented
    6 May, 2019 12:57pm


    I have a lot of non-profit clients that use open office instead of Microsoft Office and complain that there is no support for ODT and ODS files. I can totally understand them since they often can’t afford the license for Office products. If they used a different CMS before they used Webflow they are usually disappointed or even mad that they are not allowed to use those files anymore. 

    - Jan-Niclas Burghard 

  • Jim Cassimatis commented
    9 Nov, 2018 03:26am

    Actually, the most important file type that should be supported ASAP is the .zip file, as this can encapsulate anything.

  • SketchzLab commented
    9 Oct, 2018 02:52am

    I agree with Nelson. At least let us have the .ics upload available first. The sooner the better. The team can consider about other file format later on. 😉

  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    8 Oct, 2018 07:00pm

    Thanks for the clarification. I noticed this too and changed the status of this item and added it to the backlog. Stay tuned for updates :)

    - Nelson, Customer Success Specialist

  • Adrial Dale commented
    8 Oct, 2018 06:56pm

    Not so fast, Nelson! :D 

    What you're referring looks like it's the file field in the designer, right? But the file restriction still exists in the file field of the CMS: 

    Specific use case: My client needs to be able to upload an .ics file for each of their events so visitors can add those events to their calendar. Does that help?

  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    8 Oct, 2018 06:26pm

    I just checked with our team and you can already add custom file types to your form file uploads:

    Hope this helps :)

    - Nelson, Customer Success Specialist

  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    8 Oct, 2018 06:12pm

    Great idea :) I have added this to our backlog.

    - Nelson, Custom Success Specialist

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