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Javascript file manager Merged

TL;DR: I wish to have a javascript file manager within in webflow. Then I could organize my js code into  functional files and inject them where needed  by using script tag.


I'm starting to play around Webflow and third parties services because I want to extend the features of the websites I'm building. For advance use cases, I rely heavily on javascript. So far so good!


My problem is that by having more and more custom code it becomes overwhelming and hard to maintain. More over I duplicate code that only some pages of my website.


I would like to have a js file editor (super minimal, no validation, just code highlight) within the project setting section where i can save piece of code. Then when I need it I would just do

<script type="text/javascript" src="customJS/my-script.js"></script>


I think that feature would highly benefit web developer who want to extends webflow capabilities without leaving webflow ecosystem and having to export the code to host it somewhere else

  • Quentin Plomteux
  • Oct 12 2018
  • and 2 more