Identify pages on which selectors are being used

Just as you can see the usage count for each selector now (1 on this page, 3 on other pages), it would be great to be able to see which exact pages are those, so you can easily remember or see where else something was used. This could be added to the Style Manager as well, to be able to see a list of all pages where each class is used.

  • David Vargas
  • Jan 19 2017
  • Joel Ringer commented
    February 23, 2017 03:29

    A suggestion coding solution. When you click on a style in the Style Manager it would react just the same way as if you clicked on a FOUND style within the Styles panel, I.E. show the number of incidences and highlight the selections.

  • Uzzer commented
    February 23, 2017 07:19

    I'd ask admins to merge this wish with