Add Revision History / Change Log to Designer

It would be nice to be able to see the latest version of the changes I'm working on in the designer and be able to roll back my changes from directly in a sidebar pane with the list of previous versions.

Essentially, whenever I click deploy it should create a new entry in the revisions in the designer and allow me to make some comments about the release.

If a make a bunch of changes, it would also be nice to only add certain changes to the deploy.

For example, I might update my contact page.. and then head over to my home page to change something. But for this specific release, I just want to deploy that contact page change.

I should be able to see those changes in my sidebar pane and select only the ones I want to add them all to a staging area... Then when I click deploy (whether to staging domain or to production .com domain) it will deploy only those changes I've selected and are in the staging area.

The other changes would remain changed in the designer, even when I log out and come back in.. but they are not live on the deployed URL.

This would be really great for change management.



  • Cameron Roe
  • Oct 20 2018
  • and 12 more