Allow the ability to clone paid-template projects, without paying again for the template (until hosted).

Often I need to clone an existing project;

  • To build a similar site
  • For testing, to completely redesign a part of the site 
  • For client demonstration, to show significantly different design variations 
  • For BUG reporting- to show broken behavior on a site, and "snapshot" that via shareable readonly link to the Webflow team, while still working on my main project with a workaround fix. 

Unfortunately if a project is based on a purchased template, Webflow doesn't permit a project to be cloned unless you re-purchase the template immediately. 

For sites that are never going to be published this makes no sense. This also makes it impossible to have features such as, e.g. restore a backup of a site to a new project. 

It seems much more logical to-

Require the template purchase at the point of hosting or download, rather than at the point of creation. 

Particularly if the user has already purchased at least one license for that template on another project. 

  • Michael Wells
  • Oct 29 2018
  • Shipped
  • Karsten Brand commented
    9 Apr 06:32am

    The same to me. I made a lot of changes in the past. Now I found out a problem with the hero graphics but can not restore because of all the changes made in between!

  • Jack Barnett commented
    17 Jul, 2020 11:09am

    I've just run into this problem. During the build pages got deleted from a template and various changes made, but I'd like to be able to access the originals again but can't. I was thinking you could clone a template into a dev state, which disabled publishing, maybe even code exporting, but allowed copy and paste

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