GDPR compliant embed elements (video, maps, etc)

Youtube and Vimeo will place cookies if embedded, so it is not possible being GDPR compliant when using webflow's embedded video element or videos in rich texts & CMS rich texts. The same applies to maps and other embed elements.



Add functionality to only insert cookie placing elements into the DOM if cookies were accepted.

  • Carl Pfeiffer
  • Oct 31 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Bonanza Fest commented
    6 Feb 02:23pm

    Webflow devs, please implement this so we can properly make GDPR compliant websites. Many other platforms have resolved this long ago.

  • Adam Bell commented
    29 Oct, 2023 06:10pm

    Come on Webflow!! Allowing cookies through a webflow website before consent is given, is not acceptable. And having to add custom scripts to every iframe we add with a video or map, is not a great solution for our content creators that don't do code. We were sold a 'no code' solution! Also, adding script tags into Webflow's dashboard isn't a good move either – GA4 or Pixels. They get fired before any cookie consent is provided so we're now doing all that via GTM. This all needs fixing. Until there's a solution we won't be recommending Webflow to our clients and we're wondering whether we'd be better on Wordpress, or Umbraco.

  • Martin Binder commented
    9 Mar, 2023 02:45pm

    is there any update on this?

  • Gerold Hinzen commented
    18 Jun, 2022 09:58am


  • Toby O. Rink commented
    26 Jan, 2021 01:10pm

    We run a weblog and embed videos via the richtext element Now there is no possibility to select the privacy mode here, so that we can get a clean solution with our cookie tool (

  • Sebastian Dombrowski commented
    13 Aug, 2019 07:27am

    After the latest ruling of the EUGH (Fashion ID ruling) this feature is really important. Please Webflow team, this can't be that hard to change!

  • Carl Pfeiffer commented
    31 Oct, 2018 03:11pm

    thank you, I edited the idea.

  • Robert Cat commented
    31 Oct, 2018 08:56am

    It's not just video elements, there are problems with embedding Google Maps and other third party services too...

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