Upload and link to files inside rich text editors

Many of our clients have files (PDFs, Word documents, etc.) that they want to upload and link to inside the body of a rich text editor just like they do with images. Using separate file upload forms doesn't cut it when the number of files that may be needed is unknown.

The lack of this feature is a big reason we can't recommend Webflow to many of our clients. Can this be added?

  • Webitects
  • Nov 2 2018
  • Ben Shoults commented
    December 04, 2018 14:04

    How is this not a thing? Just when I thought to make the leap to use Webflow as a CMS I learn about stuff like this. This is a deal breaker IMO.

  • Bryan Garrant commented
    23 Feb 01:13

    How is this not a feature in the Rich Text field. How can clients in the Editor add a link to a PDF without it?

  • Matt Neve commented
    06 Mar 14:56


    A few of our clients want to be able to change pdfs that get liked to in the footer and navigation. Without a file option in the link settings one of our clients can't update his food menus without us having to go into the designer.

    Hope this gets sorted soon.

  • Graham Barr commented
    01 May 07:29

    This seems such as basic feature. Why have it in normal text links but not in a RTE? C'mon Webflow I cannot believe this is nothing more than an oversight?

  • PS Werbung commented
    07 May 05:26

    Very basic for a real «classic cms competitor» which webflow want's to be!