Add + and - to each CSS Grid Column & Row

Need to be able to ADD or REMOVE CSS Grid Columns or Rows between each (above or below existing). 

Currently + only adds to bottom or end (not between) and this means that I constantly have to move all my previously positioned content down or over to get a open (no content) row or column.

  • Gary Ehler
  • Nov 2 2018
  • Hywel Thomas commented
    06 Jan 10:12

    This is the main reason I rarely use grid ATM. Any more than 4 rows and the dragging and dropping is a nightmare. I now use grid for desktop and revert to divs for mobile...

  • Michael Wells commented
    17 Jan 21:05

    Even if this is only supported under the gear icon properties ( right side ), rather than on the canvas itself, it would be a big help. 

    There, you can select a grid row and click +, but it still inserts at the end of the list rather than after the currently selected row.

  • Alex Dixon commented
    22 Feb 09:51

    +1 👈🏼

  • Diego Rodriguez commented
    03 Apr 04:14

    This feature is necessary for the cells

  • Roy Castrillo commented
    03 Jun 17:02

    Grids lose a lot of power without this feature – I'm sure many of use are looking forward to having it available. It doesn't need to be implemented directly on canvas... the Elements Setting panel would also do.