@media query support for Color Scheme preference (light/dark mode)

Let's get a "dark mode" query in Webflow to easily let us adjust the CSS for this new and awesome query point.

With Safari Technology Preview 68 and MacOS 10.14, it is now possibly for the browser to recognize if the operating system is configured to dark mode and adjust the css as defined by the @media query. Soon this will become supported by all major browsers and operating systems. http://css-color-scheme-prefers-dark.webflow.io/

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  • Matthew P Munger
  • Nov 5 2018
  • Gary Colwell commented
    05 Jul 00:40

    This would be so next level. Please develop this Webflow!

  • Meave Wisdon commented
    04 Jul 11:41

    Really wonderfull, blog here love to read this very much so going the here Tri Peaks Solitaire online have to got this update forever to more fun thanks a lot to this batter update.

  • Sophie Zhao commented
    08 Jun 20:28

    Please prioritize this webflow!! Really need this!

  • Erin Keeffe commented
    30 May 20:17

    Would love to see this supported. I'm imagining a toggle at the top of the styles panel that could switch between your light & dark css properties, as as example.

  • Damir commented
    06 Mar 12:34

    Would be ace to have this! Please prioritise Webflow.

  • Iskandar Bwefar commented
    September 30, 2019 11:08

    Great! Love to use this on our website.

  • Lars M. Schreiber commented
    November 09, 2018 06:30

    Yes, that would be great! A biiiig +++++1

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