E-Course in Webflow

This idea combines multiple features already existing or already proposed as well as some new features:

  • Ability to buy a subscription product/service
  • Send email to client with login information for Webflow website
  • Client can log in to their course page
  • Client can map progress (new feature) based on the videos they checked as "finished" -- progress is the only thing that needs to be different per client
  • Zapier integration / in-platform mailing tool that can send a client emails either time-based or progress-based
  • All of this, of course, with the same flexible design options as we are used to in Webflow

Possible set-up of clients & courses (new features):

  • Client data is similar to CMS collection: based on the input the client gives, a new collection item is created (can be either visible or invisible in the back-end)
  • This data can then be loaded into an account/profile page which fills in the data for the client based on what they filled in - similar to how collections already work
  • Each client only sees their own information (primary key = email address used as login)
  • Each course is a collection that can contain lesson details and media
  • Each course has a checkmark or button to mark it as done
  • Progress is mapped per user and the website can show either the viewed or the to view state to the user
  • Yana Dirkx
  • Nov 6 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Tracy commented
    8 Mar, 2022 04:32am

    Yesssss. please!!! This should have been implemented at the start of the pandemic with so much online learning now.

  • Blair Sasada commented
    2 May, 2019 07:43am

    Yes please! This would be really fantastic! 

  • +2