Stripe iDeal payments with Ecommerce

Stripe uses iDeal payments in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and some in Germany.

Its like the creditcard for the US, everybody uses this...

and lots of companies don’t have a creditcard here..

I am sure this idea will not get loads of likes...

but for me and lots of other designers, Webflow ecommerce is useless without Stripe’s iDeal payments option here in the Netherlands!

  • Koen Spaansen
  • Nov 6 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Vincent Cleyman commented
    19 Jul 03:07pm

    Are we receiving an update regarding the 'reviewed' status?

  • Ahron Antonius commented
    9 Jul 04:12pm

    What does reviewed mean…..

  • Benx Fpg commented
    3 Jul 07:59pm

    Really need this

  • Martijn Hoppenbrouwer commented
    30 Jun 10:32am

    Ow wow! I really hope they fix this, this will open up new possibilities for 17 mln people in the Netherlands!

  • Matthias Van Lent commented
    30 Jun 08:34am

    This is needed indeed. Requesting from Belgium!

  • Patrick commented
    30 Jun 06:36am

    This is really needed!!

  • Madison Leclef commented
    30 Jun 06:19am

    I guess the "reveiewed" status alone just means the team reviewed it but ain't going further with it? It's just a way to make us feel heard?

  • Malik Nbr commented
    30 Jun 06:06am

    What does "reviewed" means, can we get a comment from the team?

  • Gitta Schermer commented
    29 Jun 11:26pm

    Webflow! It’s time to include iDeal as a payment method ASAP!

  • Sjoerd commented
    22 Jun 08:56pm

    dear friends, it is really easy to activate this option. Like: no time - no hassle. Because Stripe has solved all the ideal connection. You just need to allow the ideal option. No time. No brainer.

    And many happy Webflow users.

  • Zavala commented
    10 Jun 03:56pm

    Another month has passed. HOW is Bancontact and iDeal still not supported. Give us some news WEBFLOW. Please.

  • Co Peters commented
    5 Jun 12:46pm

    1099 votes here + 83 votes for the same idea here:

  • Co Peters commented
    5 Jun 12:44pm

    Without iDeal as a payment method Webflow is useless for a webshop in the Netherlands. Bummer

  • Jordi Rienties commented
    25 May 08:34pm

    and 170 comments, even on page 1 they don't have that many comments

  • Jordi Rienties commented
    25 May 08:30pm

    Come on Webflow, 1085 votes!

  • Mourice commented
    25 May 02:34pm

    There must be one person at Webflow reading this. How much does it cost to update these settings? Im willing to set up a fund where we all (iDeal needers) can donate the amount needed for them to change some lines of code. I mean, if its not in the budget, we're happy to provide you this budget so we don't lose anymore money with our services :).

  • Robbertou commented
    18 May 02:31pm

    Get on this asap, this isn't that hard since Stripe just needs to know that YES you want IDeal added.

  • thijs Krijnen commented
    18 May 06:58am


  • Jaime Paiva commented
    10 May 04:12pm

    this is a must, please add!

  • Zavala commented
    3 May 12:50pm

    I wish they'd gave us an update. No iDeal and Bancontact is a deal-breaker for all ecommerce clients here!

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