Stripe iDeal payments with Ecommerce

Stripe uses iDeal payments in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and some in Germany.

Its like the creditcard for the US, everybody uses this...

and lots of companies don’t have a creditcard here..

I am sure this idea will not get loads of likes...

but for me and lots of other designers, Webflow ecommerce is useless without Stripe’s iDeal payments option here in the Netherlands!

  • Koen Spaansen
  • Nov 6 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Erik Kraaijeveld commented
    23 May 09:22am

    Again, with pain in my heart, I sent a cliënt to Shopify again. Please Webflow, the Dutch market really needs this. I would appreciate it if this topic could get a little more priority.

  • Gilles commented
    21 May 06:35pm

    I've been working on my site for over a month now, only to realise Ideal and Bancontact is not available. Really can't believe that this is not an option. I'll be working another month as hard as possible to use another website builder. The amount of customers I am losing in Europe is insane.

  • Zavala commented
    30 Apr 09:13am

    I sent a mail and this was the answer:

    Unfortunately, not everything on the Wishlist is made into a feature.

    I definitely agree with you, though! We need more payment methods, and I hope we get something going soon.

    However, I understand the situation you're in here. A possible solution you could investigate further can be to integrate Stripe Checkout on your own or with the help of a developer, to have full support for all payment integrations in Stripe.

    So no release date whatsoever.

  • Joeri Willemse commented
    28 Apr 09:53am

    I reed in the comments 'not yet'. Are there any plans to roll out/connecting European payments? We are orienting ourselves for a webbased builder, but a miss like iDeal for example would be a no go.

  • Zavala commented
    27 Apr 09:46pm

    I submitted a question concerning EU payment methods for today’s Q2 community update and Q&A but they ignored it.

  • Corné Romme commented
    26 Apr 04:24pm

    This is an absolute must have feature for Webflow Ecommerce! I will need to switch back to Woocommerce if Webflow doesn't add iDEAL payment option to their Ecommerce..

    Also doesn't feel like a big ask, since they already integrate with Stripe and Stripe supports iDEAL as a payment option.

  • Slinger Made commented
    22 Apr 05:08pm
    After working on my site for some time and being super hyped to launch it. I notice Ideal can't be connected. Such a standard feature for e commerce platforms is missing! Really how can you sell a e-commerce webflow subscription without this feature. I feel scammed to be honest. Please add it! How hard can it really be?
  • Astute Agency commented
    13 Apr 12:00pm

    Dear webflow team,

    Still waiting really hard for this to finally be implemented!!!

    Already moved 4 clients towards shopify this year again... Implementing this would be an absolute game changer for us here in the Netherlands!!!

  • Igor Bouter commented
    13 Apr 08:23am

    I wanted to start selling... seems something as simple as that has not happened.

  • Otis Wout commented
    4 Apr 01:52pm

    Is anybody even listening to their users? How come, there's simpy no reply, other than "We're sorry, iDeal is not available in Webflow yet." – I dont want that ugly thing.

    Why wouldnt webflow open up their payment systems for local providers, like Mollie, Klarna, Ayden so we could all go on, and earn money with it. I feel so ignored!

  • Finn Nijman commented
    1 Apr 10:10am

    At this point, not including iDeal as an option with Webflow is just bad for business... Please make some arrangements Webflow!! It would be a game changer for a large e-commerce market.

  • Ken Chang commented
    22 Mar 10:15am

    Oh no, is this real? No iDeal support, while Stripe does support iDeal payments?? That’s an really big deal breaker not to move my clients from Elementor to Webflow. There webshops will be useless without iDeal support. Is there more to tell after 3,5 years of asking for iDeal support?

  • Co Peters commented
    18 Mar 09:21am

    Still not implemented. Do they even check this wishlist every now and then? :(

  • Wesley Blommerde commented
    15 Mar 01:52pm

    Come on webflow. Why is this so hard for you guys? The netherlands might be a tiny dot on the worldmap, but e-commerce is huge in our little country.

  • Wim dijkers commented
    28 Feb 12:23pm

    One more website wants to use ideal payments for it’s webshop … Bring it on please!

  • Zavala commented
    26 Feb 12:39pm

    Bancontact, iDeal, P24,... still not supported. Give us some news Webflow. Please. It's been 3-4years.

  • Astute Agency commented
    9 Feb 10:05am

    I already had 5 clients that wanted this. Unfortunately, it is still not available. Please Webflow team add this!!!

  • Sync Development commented
    7 Feb 04:55pm

    We need this so much, unbelievable that it's not possible after such a long time.

  • Carl wezer commented
    1 Feb 09:46pm

    We need this for the dutch market.

  • Raoul van der Made commented
    1 Feb 09:11pm

    When would it be developed?

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