Stripe iDeal payments with Ecommerce

Stripe uses iDeal payments in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and some in Germany.

Its like the creditcard for the US, everybody uses this...

and lots of companies don’t have a creditcard here..

I am sure this idea will not get loads of likes...

but for me and lots of other designers, Webflow ecommerce is useless without Stripe’s iDeal payments option here in the Netherlands!

  • Koen Spaansen
  • Nov 6 2018
  • Koen Spaansen commented
    03 Jan 14:10

    it looks like i am the only dutch webdesigner here, i feel myself isolated here!

  • Nick Zonneveld commented
    11 Jan 09:51

    Really need this in Western Europe to be able to provide a serious ecommerce website.

  • Seyed Hosseini commented
    08 Feb 10:45

    Highly desired feature! Wordpress has tons of free plugins that can do the job. This is the best and most effective way of doing payments in the Netherlands. It's safe, payments go from one debit account to another and transactions are instant and controlled by the banks. I am sure that with custom code it is possible to implement but we need to know more about iDeal to do that ourselves. 

  • Elements commented
    19 Feb 13:01

    Same problem here. We run intro this issue which renders the whole e-commerce useless for us. Without iDeal integration, we can't use this. 

  • Ezra van den Broek commented
    19 Feb 14:41

    YES Please

  • Gijs Campbell commented
    10 Mar 09:56

    Very much needed yes :) Got my vote!

  • Claire commented
    25 Mar 11:44

    Truly hope that iDeal will be implemented in Webflow Ecommerce asap. Customers seem to be giving up on a purchase in my webshop during checkout, because Ecommerce is obviously useless in the Netherlands without iDeal. Many customers do not have a credit card here and iDeal is simply one of the few trusted payment methods. Please please please add iDeal to the payment methods - or at least offer a workaround, because I'm afraid I have to change my WF Ecommerce hosting into a competitor's plan anytime soon. Thank you in advance.

  • Jaider Verhoeven commented
    11 Apr 21:13

    Confusing communication. On the Stripe Website this Is communicated:

  • Jaider Verhoeven commented
    11 Apr 21:18

    It looks like iDeal should be activated within the Stripe account. I will test this shortly and give an update I this works.

  • Michel Soriano commented
    15 Apr 10:37

    Yes I also think it's a good idea

  • Timo Van 't Wout commented
    23 Apr 08:05

    This is a really good idea!

  • Arno Veenstra commented
    30 Apr 06:39

    can't we work around it like this?


    I don't have the e-commerce option so I don't know what's possible or not.

  • Selder Zwaan commented
    04 Jun 12:40

    Waiting for this feature. Would be great!

  • Martijn Runia commented
    15 Jun 18:42

    Really need this asap for an upcoming project!

    Does this mean by the way that all Stripe payment options are not included?

  • Iskandar Bwefar commented
    10 Jul 18:35

    Just got really excited about using Webflow for our clients, but then found out there's no iDeal support. Really bummed out by this, cause it's just not an option for ecommerce here in the Netherlands. Last year, iDeal had a huge market share of 57%, followed by only 11% of credit card payments.

  • Art V commented
    11 Jul 01:07

    WEBFLOW, we need iDeal, to make your system of any use for any e-commerce business.

    We hope to see this implemented soon, we love your service but your competitors offer iDeal option.

  • Will Neeteson commented
    15 Jul 08:41

    This is the only thing that is keeping me using Shopify on my clients site, would love this!

  • Kim Verseijden commented
    22 Jul 12:53
    Webflow is fantastic and recently set up the first shop because Stripe supports iDeal. In the end, iDeal appears not to be supported via Webflow in combination with Stripe. This was a huge disappointment, now switched to Shopify again.
  • Sven Jense commented
    30 Jul 11:12

    This is a dealmaker or breaker, Webflow! Thanks in advance. 

  • Jimmy Schmidt commented
    04 Sep 15:19

    I do agree that dutch Ecommerce sites are worthless without ideal #following

  • Bastiaan Leideritz commented
    19 Sep 15:29

    Webflow ecommerce is useless without iDeal payments option in the Netherlands.

    Implement soon please 🙏🏼

  • Iskandar Bwefar commented
    01 Oct 07:07

    Any updates on this? 

  • Byron Guenther commented
    09 Oct 14:38

    Stripe reviews on TrustPilot seem super hair raising anyway.. I hope it is possible with Shopify and embeds to use iDeal and Paypal for now? 

    Webflow Resource:,a%20pre%2Dbuilt%20Shopify%20template.

    Youtube resource (first half of video mostly..):

    Really hoping this will work as I have really enjoyed using Webflow for a few years now but I need on online store and I don't want to HAVE TO use Stripe at all.. 


    Any one tried this and knows if it works? 

  • Jonatan van der Horst commented
    10 Oct 17:47

    People in the BeNeLux need this to run a successful e-commerce business. It’s like 50% of transactions. Would be really nice if WebFlow could add this. Because I really like WebFlow! :)

  • Beer Nami commented
    13 Oct 14:00

    Yes indeed, we need this!