Stripe iDeal payments with Ecommerce

Stripe uses iDeal payments in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and some in Germany.

Its like the creditcard for the US, everybody uses this...

and lots of companies don’t have a creditcard here..

I am sure this idea will not get loads of likes...

but for me and lots of other designers, Webflow ecommerce is useless without Stripe’s iDeal payments option here in the Netherlands!

  • Koen Spaansen
  • Nov 6 2018
  • Ula Lars commented
    18 Sep 09:46

    I created the very first website for my client in The Netherlands with Webflow. Because there's no iDeal payment option, sadly, I will move that website to another platform. I was looking forward to developing my business with Webflow. Not going to happen without the iDeal payment option. Is there any possibility, soon, to add the iDeal payment here? That would save a lot of trouble for clients in Europe. We don't use credit cards here as much as in US.

  • Semih Yilmaz commented
    15 Sep 20:08

    Come on already Webflow! I’ve been discluding Webflow Ecommerce for my Dutch clients because of this limitation only.

  • Claire commented
    15 Sep 09:22

    I have been waiting for iDeal for almost 2 years now and feel quite betrayed, because Stripe simply supports iDeal... What's the use of promoting an integration with Stripe to your global customers, but then only offer credit card payments? Webflow only focuses on the American market, while there is so much growth potential in the Netherlands and other European countries (I know Webflow's market share in NL is relatively quite high). The popularity of this thread and WEBFLOW-I-128 is obviously meaningless to Webflow. What a waste for such a beautiful web design tool.

    iDeal is one of the few trusted payment methods in the Netherlands, we barely use credit cards. Webflow eCommerce is therefore useless for any business operating in Dutch market. As many others in this thread, I am ready to end my Webflow subscription as customers keep on leaving my checkout page due to the absence of iDeal. Does anyone know a workaround, where I can keep the exact design of the checkout, order confirmation and product page? Perhaps code export-import using a different CMS?

  • MOONC Koen and Elise commented
    08 Sep 18:33

    iDeal is the standart in The Netherlands, WE NEED IT!

  • Rick Bossenbroek commented
    08 Sep 13:24

    Please let this happen in the soon future. For the sake of costumer happiness.

    I know you guys have a prioritized backlog, but please: this is critical. At the moment I have to work around this through Shopify.. which means double work for my client.

  • Sven Overdijk commented
    02 Sep 11:09

    iDeal is crucial for e-commerce in the Netherlands!

  • Jochem Koopman commented
    26 Aug 09:23

    A friend of mine suggested Webflow to create websites, but without iDeal I will never be able to convince my Dutch clients to use Webflow. If you can add iDeal to the checkout options, Webflow will be my tool for the coming years. Can't believe this topic is from 2018, my hopes are low that it will be added soon...

  • Rens Kierkels commented
    25 Aug 12:31

    Untill Webflow adds IDEAL there's no way to work with it in the Netherlands. Webflow is a great tool so it would be great if it could, so please add this functionality.

  • Wilbert Kannekens commented
    22 Aug 13:31

    I've just cancelled all my ongoing subscriptions to Webflow. I recommend doing the same till iDeal is added, don't forget to mention that you cancelled your plan because you couldn't use iDeal. Hopefully than they will understand that this has some priority.

  • Hans Gijsbers commented
    12 Aug 11:08

    I'm afraid that the group using iDeal is too small and insignificant for Webflow to do anything about it.

  • Meyke Kerkhof commented
    08 Aug 05:27


  • Cédric Eskes commented
    06 Aug 21:08


  • Jesse Kuipers commented
    05 Aug 16:38


  • Meyke Kerkhof commented
    05 Aug 11:27

    would be extremely helpfull. I think a lot of people would switch from webflow to another platform because of this.

  • Ahron Antonius commented
    27 Jul 22:34

    We really need this ASAP, this is the only thing that is holding us back

  • Robert Alink commented
    24 Jul 10:48

    Without ideal webflow is useless in Holland.

  • Linda Groeneveld commented
    06 Jul 08:59

    We need iDeal to truly have a chance to dominate the Dutch e-commerce market. So please!

  • Philip Dirven commented
    01 Jul 09:21

    Basically upgraded webflow to ecommerce for nothing, iDeal is crucial.

  • Cornelius van Erkelens commented
    11 Jun 12:19

    This is really crucial for the european market!

  • Strategisch ontwerpbureau JA! commented
    09 Jun 18:38


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