Stripe iDeal payments with Ecommerce

Stripe uses iDeal payments in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and some in Germany.

Its like the creditcard for the US, everybody uses this...

and lots of companies don’t have a creditcard here..

I am sure this idea will not get loads of likes...

but for me and lots of other designers, Webflow ecommerce is useless without Stripe’s iDeal payments option here in the Netherlands!

  • Koen Spaansen
  • Nov 6 2018
  • Linda Groeneveld commented
    6 Jul 08:59am

    We need iDeal to truly have a chance to dominate the Dutch e-commerce market. So please!

  • Philip Dirven commented
    1 Jul 09:21am

    Basically upgraded webflow to ecommerce for nothing, iDeal is crucial.

  • Cornelius van Erkelens commented
    11 Jun 12:19pm

    This is really crucial for the european market!

  • Strategisch ontwerpbureau JA! commented
    9 Jun 06:38pm


  • Mattheus Swinkels commented
    4 Jun 01:40pm

    Crucial necessity! Please implement this ASAP, why have Stripe and not all of its functions?!?

  • Jimmy Schmidt commented
    29 May 07:59am

    Any update on this? Build my whole site with "stripe" support to find out it does not support all stripe checkouts (Ideal). If I wanted to go back to Shopify would a refund be possible?

  • G.H. van den Berg commented
    24 May 09:50pm

    Please, please, triple please... Add this future to Webflow eccomerce. Really need it! Was also quite misleading that Webflow mentions Stripe as an integration, only to find out after hours/days of creating my webshop that iDeal doesn't work...

  • Rezomi commented
    22 May 08:32am

    i love Webflow but we really need this feature in Holland in order to use it for our clients

  • Hans Gijsbers commented
    21 May 08:04am

    Want to start a nonprofit fundraising website in Webflow, but I can't. In Holland, we use iDeal for payments, and that's still not supported in Webflow. It's so sad.

  • Maba Jarbou commented
    20 May 09:26am

    I Really Need This ASAP!!!

  • Jessy Smith commented
    17 May 07:50pm

    We ❤️Webflow but really need iDeal. I really want to ditch Shopify!

  • Erik Kraaijeveld commented
    14 May 08:44am

    iDeal is indeed crucial for Dutch webshops!

  • Brian Manuputty commented
    7 May 09:56pm

    We need this in holland badly!!

  • Iskandar Bwefar commented
    6 May 11:27am

    From an email I just got regarding iDeal support.

    "Thank you for your feedback. We are currently researching the use of this and the wishlist item would be the best place to stay up to date on any information related to this feature. I will also let our e-com team know of your concerns."

  • Iskandar Bwefar commented
    5 May 08:32pm

    @Erwin Bomans

    You only get fifteen votes on the wishlist. The only option to vote when you've reached your maximum is to reallocate your votes.

  • Erwin Bomans commented
    5 May 04:55pm

    iDeal payments is absolutely a must for the Dutch Ecommerce market. I want to vote because I need this badly. But it says 0 votes left !?!

  • Mario García de León commented
    4 May 02:06pm

    Webflow could actually offer us a great upgrade by implementing a gateway between Stripe payment methods and Webflow ecommerce. iDeal would be one of those payment methods available to us (designers). Stripe already accepts iDeal payments >

  • Dylan van der Schoor commented
    4 May 11:58am

    iDeal payments is absolutely a must for the Dutch Ecommerce market. Hope to see this being implemented soon.

  • Bart Schreurs commented
    1 May 11:15am

    Not supporting iDeal/KLARNA/Banktransfer is a dealbreaker for many Europeans. I want to ditch Squarespace/Shopify sooo badly for Webflow.

  • Kees Kroon commented
    29 Apr 01:10pm

    This is what support told me november 2018:

    Hello there,

    Thanks for reaching out and for watching the latest quarterly live Q&A. As for your question about iDeal, this is a great request. When we first launch our beta, we'll only accept major credit cards that Stripe accepts. But, just like Vlad said, the beta and public launch won't be the end of the updates for the ecommerce feature.

    We'll have a whole team of engineers working on constant updates for it.

    Please add this request to our wishlist so we can get more community members thoughts on it:

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