Autosave CMS records

I often want to quickly jump through CMS records and update a field across them; I have to manually save each time.

Could there be a toggle to 'autosave' whenever changing between records?

  • Jeff Blanchard
  • Nov 9 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Andrew Rogers commented
    5 Sep, 2022 05:31am

    There were requests on your previous feedback page back in 2016 to fix this. Any ETA?

  • UMS BOATS commented
    26 May, 2020 08:06am

    This is totally needed option. After 2 hours work I've lost all the changes..... please... add this feature to the editor mode or in the project settings to set up the autosave time range.

  • Desmond Bowe commented
    6 Jul, 2019 09:25pm

    please please please add autosave to the CMS editor.  I just lost hours of work because I didn't click Save Draft.  Most online editors do this automatically these days.  thank you

  • Mikhail Miroshnikov commented
    28 Nov, 2018 12:18am

    Is there at least a shortcut for saving?

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