More flexible forms, actual button elements

Right now, Webflow enforces a lot of arbitrary things when it comes to creating forms – and using some HTML elements outside of forms.

For instance, many elements like labels and inputs can only be inserted inside form blocks, which add their own HTML structure that's not visible from inside the designer. Webflow also attempts to autolink elements together by changing their IDs and values automatically, which has caused me a ton of problems in the past as these get changed silently if you do even the simplest edit, causing your javascript to stop functioning.


Most importantly, there are no actual button tags, which is baffling to me. I don't understand why it's not possible to add button elements, instead having to rely on styled anchors or input tags which is a bad practice both for semantics and accessibility.


I wish the designer had a "I know what I'm doing" checkbox that allowed users to add the elements they choose, inside or outside form blocks, without automatic IDing.

  • Robin Vilain
  • Nov 9 2018
  • Reviewed