Product assemblies / bundles

The ability to combine multiple sub-products into one main product. If you sell a product set that consists of multiple parts (and thus multiple sku's) it is best practise to create a product set containing those multiple sub-products.

You can connect a single SKU to multiple SKUs outside of the webshop (f.e. in the backend of the fulfilment software) but then you cannot link stock status of individual sub-products back to the webshop.

  • Joris Triepels
  • Nov 11 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Isaac Jacobson commented
    18 Nov, 2023 05:01am

    +1 for this feature. Please implement! I may have to switch platforms if this doesn't get added soon. :(

  • Lorenzo commented
    17 Mar, 2023 10:59am

    hellooooo! Webflowwwww c'mon please

  • Zaccaria Di Giorgio commented
    5 Dec, 2022 02:22pm

    This is essential!

  • Pascal Schreiber commented
    1 Dec, 2022 05:26am
    We would need this as well so that we can sell all our products trough webflow. When building bundles ot should also be considered to have different taxes per product within the bundle.
  • Sébastien Geldof commented
    3 Aug, 2022 01:16pm

    Why is webflow not building out features for ecommerce? they're way too slow! we're all dying to move away from Shopify and other non-design friendly ecom platforms

  • Erin Corsi commented
    10 Dec, 2020 11:57pm

    Does anyone have any info about whether progress has been made on this?

  • Frost Frost commented
    10 Jul, 2020 08:18am

    Webflow Team,

    Please implement a bundle feature with the next eCommerce update. I have many clients that need this feature. For example: One client needs to bundle multiple flavors of popcorn into a Tin. I need to create a form that allows me to let their customers select 3 flavors from 3 drop down menus so when I hit the add to cart button it adds all three flavors to the order info. Currently the only solution to this problem is to use foxy cart. Foxy cart ultimately isn't a great solution due to their lack of helpful videos and an outdated interface. This also makes it so I can't use Webflow's checkout system.

    In conclusion:

    Not having this feature is costing developers and designers time "time equals money". It makes our clients not have their checkout and hosting all in one place. Since they are no longer using webflow's eCommerce for checkout it. It is ultimately costing you revenue on their goods sold along with them no longer needing an eCommerce level subscription.

    -Dan Frost

  • The Poppyfield Agency commented
    20 Aug, 2019 04:01pm

    Yep. I have a high volume ecommerce client that I can't migrate to Webflow until ecommerce features are more robust and up to industry standards. Which is a bummer, because the CRO control that I have with Webflow is so much better than Shopify developing.

  • Jean Delaleau commented
    20 Feb, 2019 02:00pm

    Yes, something like is also vital to my business !

    Thank you in advance !

  • Hamish Maclean commented
    16 Feb, 2019 05:35am

    I think my requirement related to this. I need an optional addon to be added to the cart. But the add on is made up and has no stock. 

    example: Book -   $20  book only or $35 signed and wrapped. The inventory or the variant option needs to be tracked under the book (parent product).

  • Gabriel Rice commented
    17 Dec, 2018 07:12pm

    This is one of two features that is preventing me from making the switch to Webflow from Woocommerce (the other being product variants).  Selling bundles is vital to my business's ability to attract new customers and until this is added to ecommerce I will not sign up for a paid subscription.

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