Square Online Store Integration

a lot of businesses use Square to manage sales and other aspects of their business. It would be nice to integrate with their website 

  • Eric Whittaker
  • Nov 14 2018
  • Michael Urwin commented
    November 15, 2018 17:10

    Yes please! One of the things I do with my business is set u0 a square POS system and being able to integrate square into a payment system online would be amazingly seamless.

  • Adam LeDrew commented
    23 Apr 05:56

    Would love to have this, I really like web flow for design but may have to switch if I cannot integrate an e-commerce platform

  • Paul Ducco commented
    17 Jun 03:13

    Yeah, we have a retail customer who uses (and loves) the Square POS they have set up ... is there ANY way of getting webflow and Square talking?

  • William Hancock commented
    08 Aug 13:28

    Yes please! Square payments and online stores are becoming more popular with my work.

  • Othon Nin commented
    22 Oct 16:42

    I need it as well!1