Quote Request Checkout Option

Most businesses that manufacture or distribute customized or highly engineered products initiate their sales process by using a quote request process. The idea is, simply, that a customer or prospect can view the various catalogs and products on the website (generally without prices showing) and then place specific items of interest into a shopping cart in order to request a price quote.

In this scenario, the subsequent checkout process is identical to an eCommerce transaction EXCEPT that there is no payment information requested or processed. Instead, a "zero dollar" or "free" order is processed and logged by the system, with order acknowledgements being sent to the inquiring customer, and quote order notifications being sent to the site owner. Another key requirement in this "quote request" scenario (that has already been promised for the initial rollout) are product options and variants.

I currently have a number of large manufacturing and distribution clients that have just such a "quote management" system, but they are built on Adobe's Business Catalyst and will need to be migrated (to Webflow??) prior to the announced end of life for that platform. The Webflow eCommerce offering is shaping up to be exactly what is needed. The only missing pieces seem to be the "skipping over" of the payment process and (in an ideal world) the addition of more flexible form submission notification options to route different types of order requests to the most appropriate individuals within the business.

Because this is more like an option "skip a step" than it is a request for new functionality, I am keeping my fingers crossed that a "quote request" option might still be feasible within the framework of the initial rollout...

Hey, a guy can hope, right? :-)

  • Bruce Dunnan
  • Nov 14 2018
  • JBP commented
    November 29, 2018 11:54

    In need of this one to :) 

  • Mark Locke commented
    02 Jan 23:05

    totally need this option, especially for some Business Catalyst sites also

  • Revision6 Werbeagentur und Webdesign UG commented
    08 Jan 12:26

    I'm desperately waiting for this. My customer produces tailored filming equipment for big studios and rental enterprises. They don't purchase a 100.000 € product online, they want a customized quote.

  • Links Design commented
    19 Feb 17:59

    This is often a request and few ecommerce solutions do it, almost none of them are part of larger CMS solutions... So adding this would give Webflow some competitive advantage and help out my clients as well who are in the same boat as above. Larger ticket items or complex items needing to be purchased outside the normal process, but a shopping cart experience to request a quote.

  • Kevin Holland commented
    20 Feb 19:07

    This would be excellent for the Graphic Design services portion of my business. I can see this possibly extending into a Creative Brief form so the client is seeing an estimate directly related to form inputs. Which this I could transform onboarding in a way that'd allow me to run advertisements directly to that page. 

  • Olzhas Beisenbayev commented
    01 May 11:45

    Need that asap. My current setup of collections + pages + contact options for custom quote inquiry is hard to maintain. Webflow Ecommerce without the actual checkout would perfectly fit my needs.

    Webflow team, please do it.

  • Gerardo Morales commented
    07 Jun 08:15

    I really need this!

  • Manuela Bonetti commented
    01 Aug 10:39

    I need this asap! Is this option in planning and if so when can I work with it?

  • Daniel Nicholls commented
    31 Oct 17:28

    I desperately need this but with the option to display prices and total cost of order/s with discounts and mark ups/downs specific to the customer.