International currency formatting

lovely Webflow team, 

Please allow to format the product price in my countries standard.
Right now it's formatting like €100.00 but should be like 100,00 €.

Many thanks

  • Denis B
  • Nov 14 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Roberto Oliveira commented
    7 Mar, 2022 05:59pm

    Same here! I'm from Brasil. here is the currency formatting: R$ 9.999,00.

  • Christian Ehrat commented
    20 May, 2019 06:13pm

    Also it is quiet confusion for a customer when the standard format is for instance $10.00

    . This could be USD but also other currencies (for instance some Latinamerica countries use the same $ for their Pesos). So giving more options for formats (including custom formatting base on codes) seems to be very important and should not be that complicated to implement

  • Dennis Winter commented
    8 May, 2019 12:46pm

    Same here. In Germany we need to format pricing like this, otherwise its really hard for me to be able to get my customers to be happy with webflow ecommerce : /

  • Marcel Deelen commented
    27 Nov, 2018 11:00am

    I would like to add to this the option to not display the decimals when it is ,00

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