Test mode for Ecommerce

What we realy need is a test mode when working with Ecommerce. We need to ba able to test the whole process when building a Ecommerce site. Test mode must allow us to create an order in development mode and complete an order without a Live payment provider

This will also be needed to be able to test and build Zapier intergrations

  • Janne Wassberg
  • Nov 17 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Kevin Hofmann commented
    1 Apr 09:50am
    That's the most ridiculous thing, I bumped into so many limitations with webflow ecommerce. But especially the inability to testing orders is a big joke. And after 5 years still no improvement. Ecommerce is just so disappointed. Feels like they just wanted to jump on the ecommerce train and get some of the shopify share, but now completely neglecting the development of it while charging us a premium and then even a fee on each transaction. Just so frustrating!
  • Šikulio commented
    24 Jan 12:30pm

    This is it. Webflow MAKES us to VIOLATE the Stripe Service agreement.


    There is no workaround for this.

    • use real CC to test in PROD env = breach of Stripe TOS

    • use test CC to test in PROD env = breach of Stripe TOS

    I will not compromise my Stripe account, bonded to my company... nevermind.

    Webflow e-commerce IS A JOKE!

  • Patrick MW commented
    9 Nov, 2023 05:15pm

    5 years we've been waiting for this and Webflow still has the audacity to charge a premium for their ecommerce integration

  • Patrick MW commented
    9 Nov, 2023 05:15pm


    Bit of a joke

  • Oliver Marler commented
    17 Oct, 2023 03:55pm

    Has this been resolved?

  • Mouradif commented
    12 Sep, 2023 07:39am

    By making us connect stripe using OAuth instead of copy-pasting an API-Key, I suppose the goal was to make things easy for us? You went the extra mile and did the extra work to get the OAuth flow going and fetch our Stripe information from their API directly. Thanks.

    Now please switch back to just asking us for an API Key like everyone else does, that way, I can put my test key and I can try test payments.

  • James Kucharski commented
    19 Aug, 2023 09:35pm

    A clear requirement, particularly when leveraging webhooks

  • Ian Bower commented
    14 Jul, 2023 03:55pm

    Wow. How is this not an option? How could anyone take webflow seriously without the option to test checkout workflows and integrations?

    This should not be a feature request... this is something that I (and probably others) just assumed any ecommerce platform would include without having to ask.

    And.... only discovers after they complete a project with a client and now need to test everything before shipping.

    Webflow - You are making us look bad. You need to add this feature ASAP.

  • Emrah Eren commented
    12 Jul, 2023 11:22am

    need this

  • Cedric Albeke commented
    1 Jul, 2023 02:34pm

    As stated before, it's been almost 5 Years and this is still not available. I love webflow but forcing us to buy an ecommerce hosting plan to fully test the the stores we provide to our client is bullshit.

    Give us this option! If this is going to consist i think all of us will consider switching to another platform.

    Webflow - get your shit together and deliver us this feature!

    PS: loveyouguys.png

  • John Kattenhorn commented
    8 Jun, 2023 08:20pm

    I'm forced to double-up my website count and stripe account not to mention break the terms and conditions of stripe usage because the test mode is not support in Webflow.

    Please address this issue and add this feature

    Best Regards


  • Matthew Ward commented
    30 May, 2023 08:29pm

    Please hire Paul Jurczyk for this... I'll pitch in. Really... what's up with 5 years and no answer?

  • Paul Jurczyk commented
    21 May, 2023 10:30pm

    Any update on this? Hell, I'll build out the feature for you guys, for free. I can't imagine it taking more than 20 hours of dev time - if that.

  • Stefan Weber commented
    10 Feb, 2023 09:05am

    This is really a must have. not being able to test your most important user interaction is just too bad to be true.

  • Ruairi McNicholas commented
    5 Jan, 2023 02:54pm

    Is there a timeline on this?

    There are a few glaring holes in Webflow's eCommerce ability that you wouldn't find in any other serious eCommerce offering and this is one of them.

    Webflow is already behind on every aspect of eCommerce, aside from design ability, which really doesn't align with the high monthly fees Webflow charges for eCommerce.

    Please catch up Webflow :)

  • Javier Rodriguez commented
    14 Dec, 2022 03:13pm

    "Do not use real card details. Testing in live mode using real payment method details is prohibited by the Stripe Services Agreement. Use your test API keys and the card numbers below."

    Copy-pasted from stripe developer documentation. But Test card numbers only work in test-mode, which does not work with Webflow. So, in fact, we have no way to check if checkout works. This is not an idea, it is a must-have.

  • Olivier Alcouffe commented
    23 Nov, 2022 08:25am

    Still not possible ? WTF

  • Ronald Taylor commented
    12 Oct, 2022 10:20pm

    Need this feature please!

    4 Sep, 2022 11:33pm


  • Onyinye Udokporo commented
    12 Aug, 2022 02:31pm

    I can't believe there's no test mode, it's absolutely ridiculous.

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