Test mode for Ecommerce

What we realy need is a test mode when working with Ecommerce. We need to ba able to test the whole process when building a Ecommerce site. Test mode must allow us to create an order in development mode and complete an order without a Live payment provider

This will also be needed to be able to test and build Zapier intergrations

  • Janne Wassberg
  • Nov 17 2018
  • Alexey Babich commented
    28 Feb 06:32

    This would be a really useful feature

  • Angel Merz commented
    28 Feb 22:20

    I agree!  On other e-commerce platforms they allow you to use dummy CC details to test out a variety of different CCs and the user can go through the entire checkout process.  We're currently testing a store and have had to spend our real money on products.  The fact that refunds take approx 3-7 business days is just especially painful.