Add files to Root Directory

One thing that I don't like about Webflow is that images are not hosted on clients own website directory. This is fine when someone is just browsing the site, but if a person views the source, they will automatically see webflow branding on every image and file on the site. Another problem with this is when wanting to implement certain features on a site, files have to be uploaded to the sites directory, not to another server.

  • Christopher Wray
  • Nov 17 2018
  • Vitaly Moshkin commented
    19 May 10:49

    It's the way to link Onesignal and other third-party services with service workers.

    Also we are not able to make PWA from sites on Webflow.

    Please implement it, we are waiting for that so much.

  • Nati Barkover commented
    10 Aug 07:26

    Friends, please implement this. Major ad providers (e.g. Google) are implementing support for app-ads.txt, and any app website (and there are many such websites on Webflow) that has ads will need to place that file in the root directory. This is serious and urgent. Thanks.