Gradient easing for more beautiful sites

The issue with web gradients is that they have hard edges. Eased gradients are being worked on by a few passionate designers (links below) because they will make for a more beautiful web—which I think is webflow's goal. That's what I've been using it for, anyway :)

Here is a detailed explanation of how eased transitions are ubiquitous in the digital and physical world—curves we think of as "round" are actually eased into each other, so the curvature is continuous.

Here is the resulting workaround plugin, which could be implemented into Webflow.

Here is the w3c github discussion on this topic.

  • Josh Chamberlain
  • Nov 19 2018
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  • Russell Tice commented
    1 Sep, 2019 03:16pm

    This would be a great addition for sure.