Billing in Native currency/ Annual Billing

Dear wonderful Webflow team,

I really love your product and your design innovation - and have used Webflow for my own website and a few clients BUT unfortunately your huge downfall in the Billing/ Client Billing/ Invoicing area is REALLY letting your product down.

The fact that you promote yourself as an ideal platform worldwide and as a trustworthy competitor to Wordpress - Billing clients in their native currency should really be a fundamental must for a platform of your size and reputation.

My clients are getting increasingly frustrated because of multiple issues such as:
1.) They are getting charged a conversion fee because it's not charged in their native currency
2.) They are getting charged this conversion fee monthly because you haven't made annually billing available (which is deceptive because you advertise like you do).
3.) I can't even rectify this issue by hosting them with someone else because you haven't created a function for people to choose to host their Webflow CMS with someone else.

These are fundamental functions that shouldn't be an issue with a company like Webflow - and not only does it make your product look unreliable and unprofessional - it reflects badly on me to all my clients also. These issues can be big deal breakers for clients.

I'm a designer and not really a developer and Webflow has given me the power to be both (WHICH IS WHY I LOVE WEBFLOW) - AND I really don't want to have to consider other options/ alternatives to Webflow. But these issues are negatively impacting my client relationships and putting pressure on me to have solve problems that shouldn't even be there in the first place.

I have found many many requests from devoted Webflow users for these issues to be fixed over the past few years and no where have I seen a response from Webflow to action fixing these issues! This should really be on the top of your priority list if you want to maintain your professionalism and promise of good service!


  • Krystle Wright
  • Nov 20 2018
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  • Mark Locke commented
    2 Jan, 2019 11:18pm

    agreed - local currency pricing would be helpful, especially where there are many sites eg Australia, and one that most other web platforms seem to manage without any issue.  Would be much more helpful to sell the hosting services to our customers 

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