Ask user how to proceed when pasting elements from another project

Currently, when copying elements from one project and pasting onto another, Webflow will automatically duplicate any classes that already existed and keep those on the elements instead.

For example, let's say in both projects A and B I had a class called "galleryImage" that was set to many images. If I copy the images in project A and paste them onto project B, Webflow will automatically create class "galleryImage2" and apply it to the images I pasted.

Since there is no way to batch-replace classes, removing these "galleryImage2" classes from all images and then cleaning up the project is really bothersome.

My suggestion: let the user decide what to do.

Upon pasting, a dialog should ask the user what do next:

1. Default - Create copies of every class that already exist so there is no conflict

2. Replace classes on current project with classes being pasted if they have the same name

3. Keep classes on current project, applying them to objects being pasted if they have the same name.

  • Fernando Lins
  • Nov 25 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Miroslav Gospodinov commented
    20 Feb 03:39pm

    It is a must-have feature!

  • Amr Kamel commented
    8 Jan 01:13pm

    Yes please, this is much needed when using Relume Library components

  • Chandler Hartigan commented
    11 May, 2023 01:46pm

    This would be an extremely useful feature. My example is that we have two sites: one being a production site that will be live once finished, the other where we built out the style guide and all the sections that our live site will use, like a development site. Once we finished our style guide and sections development site, we started pasting the finished sections into the production site, but classes start getting duplicated and we end up with, for example, text-color-primary, text-color-primary 2, backgorund-color-primary, background-color-primary 2, and so on.

    All the duplicate classes have the exact same styles as the original classes and now its creating more work having to go back cleaning up all the duplicates than it is actually helping. As Webflow knows, and most if not all others should know, duplicate classes like these will end up slowing down a site. Smaller projects wont notice it, but larger sites can. It is also just bad design to have duplicates and makes making changes take 2-3 times longer as you now have to change not only original classes, but duplicates as well.

    This is a must for people who build templates for their sites before creating the full production site as well as many other cases Im sure.

  • Kevin Handy commented
    24 Jun, 2022 09:26pm

    This has to be considered again. It's enough of a hassle that I can't even really use Webflow made templated to start from. Example: The Basic Webflow Ecommerce template. It's a great place to jump off from when building out some of the Ecom pages. Like the products page.

    But, when copying them over to my actual, already in development project, Button and Section get renamed. Not a huge problem, just rename them, right? Well, they also have Combo Classes on them that have styling. Now down the rabbit hole we go.

    Copy and replace is the wrong answer for a lot of cases. I pose that copy and paste with renaming is also wrong for a lot of cases.

    This is why the 3 options (as it currently works, redefining classes with incoming, or using existing classes) is the right call. You can look towards InDesign for a great example of how this import option can be a life saver.

  • ORyan McEntire commented
    11 Jun, 2021 11:45am

    It would be great if when pasting Webflow would ask if I wanted to rename conflicting styles or ignore those conflicting styles and only add new ones.

  • Yogesh Simpson commented
    19 Apr, 2019 07:12pm

    This is also a an issue when copying and pasting across pages within the same site.

  • +10