Multiple/Different Product Collections

The ability to have multiple product collections for different types of products on the Ecommerce CMS.

I love being able to customize what information I need for the products in the ecommerce platform, just like the normal CMS. But having only one type of product collection is very limiting. It forces me to build one template for editors, regardless of what product they are creating.

For example: selling a t-shirt requires vastly different information than selling a car part, but I have to use the same template. It would be nice to be able to have product collections I can create like "Merch" and "Equipment" where I can create different CMS templates depending on the information I need.

Or perhaps as I create new categories, it creates new product collections for me to create templates for.

  • Britton Hennessy
  • Nov 27 2018
  • Kevin Hon commented
    30 Jan 15:49

    Need this function. +3

  • Scott Johnson commented
    21 Mar 15:38

    I agree.  Webflow e-commerce really needs this.

  • John T. commented
    07 Apr 03:33

    I'm almost done with my site, I was adding the product and I just realized this..  :( Really needed.

  • Matthew Brown commented
    21 Jun 10:14

    Arrghh it seems the deeper I go in configuring a Webflow eCommerce site the more I realise they can't offer yet.... need this function!

  • John T. commented
    03 Dec 03:22

    +30 if I could. So needed :)