Symbol Overrides

 Basically, it would be super useful if you could override certain elements on symbols without having to unlink from the symbol instance. Typically, this would include items such as heading text, paragraph text, links, and icons. Having the ability to edit these elements without effecting the (master symbol) core structure would make it much faster and easier to reuse symbols, similar to how they're used in Figma and Sketch.

With the current setup, if you use a symbol as a layout template (unlinking it each time to insert new content), any future structural changes to that symbol would not be rolled out across the site, meaning a lot of manual work.

Disclaimer - I have looked on the forums (and Google) but have found little on use of symbol overrides in Webflow (unless people call it something else here) 🙃

I'm also new to Webflow, so apologies if this functionality already exists, and I've completely missed it. 


  • Alex Dixon
  • Nov 30 2018