Adjustable Screen Height in Mobile Designer View

Despite needing an update to reflect the latest mobile devices, the ability to adjust viewport width in the designer is invaluable when using webflow's mobile design preview for creating mobile-specific CSS classes.

However, when trying to perfect a site design for mobile clients, it is a big limitation that the viewport height cannot also be infinitely adjusted to screen heights of popular mobile devices in the same manner.

In almost all of our site designs, I rely heavily on specifying div block and section heights as percentages of viewport height (100VH) for visual appeal, but this is obviously dramatically different to real device testing when relying on a desktop window height for designing.

While it is obviously possible to resize and drag a desktop chrome window to different sizes, this then makes the designer unusable for specifying new styles as all the designer buttons are lost in the tiny height.

Please can a new vertical sizing bar be implemented for the mobile preview with popular mobile devices marked along the pixel measurement axis in the webflow designer?


See also for adjustment of the desktop preview for ultra-large and high resolution displays

  • Michael Naylor
  • Dec 8 2018
  • Pascal Olivet commented
    June 21, 2019 10:04

    Definitively a must !!!

  • Cristian Zweigler commented
    October 10, 2019 09:26

    I can't believe that this is not implemented yet. It makes it super hard, if not impossible to design on mobile devices with abstract units as viewport height

  • Jacques Coetzer commented
    December 04, 2019 06:04

    I mean just look at the difference in viewport heights... It looks ridiculous. Hopefully they can add this feature now that larger breakpoints are possible.

  • Jedediah Smith` commented
    December 04, 2019 19:13

    It surprises me how few people have issues with missing the adjustable screen height. At this time there are only 36 votes, do people just not use VH much, it is relatively new, or do they just not care about shrinking the browser or having to publish the site and then view it using Chromes mobile display in dev tools?

  • Jedediah Smith` commented
    December 04, 2019 19:26

    I just noticed Jacques posted earlier today. I wonder if this relates to good deals on 4k monitors for Black Friday ;) I will say that with 4k (without any zoom) it is nice having access to most of the tools on the side without scrolling but it definately makes this issue more apparent.

  • Dustin Reed commented
    December 04, 2019 19:31

    I get that we can change the size of the window screen to accommodate the viewport height of devices, but this means that I have very limited access to CSS tools to fine-tune styles. I would think that this would be just as easy to implement as what was done with the widths.