Include sitemap.xml files for exported sites

Webflow should allow for sitemap.xml files to be included in sites that are exported for hosting elsewhere. Why force customers to manually generate their own sitemaps on third-party services? Adobe Muse used to automatically generate a sitemap.xml file so why can't Webflow? Seems like a way to force people into hosting with Webflow, but all pro users know that hosting flexibility is a must for clients.

  • Mick Wieland
  • Dec 12 2018
  • Eric commented
    28 Jun, 2020 02:37pm

    I agree. I am new to Webflow and have hosting on Godaddy due to working with Muse. I exported the code in my WF site, just to test on Godaddy and noticed that there is no sitemap. I am not against hosting on WF but the sites that I have currently hosted on godaddy and built in Muse, I would rebuild in WF and host back to godaddy, but WF doesn't export the sitemap. This is a limitation to working in WF and kind of sucks since I find WF to be an amazing tool. I pay yearly to build my sites in WF and if I choose to export the code because the client wants to host elsewhere, everything should be included or at least charge a price to export a sitemap.

  • Alex Dixon commented
    29 May, 2020 11:42am

    Agreed, this would be a useful feature.