Page numbers option in pagination

An enhancement to pagination. Add an option to hide/show page numbers in your pagination element, so that you could jump to a specific page, see how many pages there are total, and see which page you're currently on.

  • Barrett Johnson
  • Dec 18 2018
  • Carlos Mario Rosas commented
    28 May 08:49pm

    Hi guys I love Webflow but please this is a must on the basics.

  • .N commented
    12 May 05:41am

    I love your product but sometimes it seriously feels like you Guys are adding a Feautures just to have them but don't bother to actually implement them properly... I was seriously surprised when I realised this doesnt exist. Please make this happen!

  • Tomáš Marek commented
    28 Nov, 2019 01:40pm

    @Webflow we really needs Page numbers not just text page count. Please :)

  • Tiada Guru commented
    28 Sep, 2019 11:38pm

    This would be *super* helpful... a bit shocked it's not available.

    Why have pagination without having page numbers? 

  • Athanasios Zematouras commented
    5 Sep, 2019 04:37pm

    Webflow you need to prioritize numbered pagination now! Its an essential feature for everyone and very important not to feel or look Webflow projects unprofessional to the naked eye.

  • מאיר רביב commented
    26 Aug, 2019 06:57am


  • Ankit Saini commented
    23 Jul, 2019 05:22am

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  • Sean Tubridy commented
    10 Mar, 2019 03:39am

    Yup, this is a must, otherwise your navigating blind. Are there 2 pages, 66? Who knows?

  • Allen Ray Sales commented
    24 Feb, 2019 06:31am

    This is very much needed for products showing in category pages.  Customer need to know how many more product pages there are versus guessing by clicking next.

  • Karel Rosseel commented
    23 Dec, 2018 12:07am

    yes I would like this to! extra is a color of the record -1 and the record +1 of the database (so you know better witch color will come next (for example for m&m's website !! please test it out! and you will see the problem!

    number or image would be better even!

    Problem normal page with cms pagination selected item not show up

  • Michael Lieu commented
    20 Dec, 2018 07:20pm

    Think this will be a much needed addition to the pagination! 🙏🏼

  • Gabriel Guevara commented
    19 Dec, 2018 07:35pm

    We need this please! 

  • Huyen Nguyen commented
    19 Dec, 2018 02:19am

    This would be super useful - is really needed with pagination really! Thanks

  • Kyle Rockhold commented
    18 Dec, 2018 08:48pm

    Does anyone know if it's possible to animate the pagination transitions?

  • Jordan Lucas commented
    18 Dec, 2018 06:40pm

    This is very much needed. Please make this happen! Thank you.

  • Dmitry Ra commented
    18 Dec, 2018 05:14pm

    Thanks for creating this! And also ability to set different items per page for different breakpoints!

  • Marketing Innovators commented
    18 Dec, 2018 04:41pm

    I'd like to vote for this but apparently I only get two wishlist votes and I used mine on something else today. I didn't realize there was a limit now.

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