Dynamic Naming of Classes

DISCLAIMER 1: I'm not a coder.

DISCLAIMER 2: I've searched the WF forum and wishlist for a duplicate query but possibly because of DISCLAIMER 1, I might have misunderstood this to be a duplicate query, if applicable.


On to the goodies--->

I am utilizing custom code from a WF staff member here and this works well if and only if it is the only code needed on the page. I, however, am using it for custom external Paypal/Stripe buttons for various subscription products and therefore I need the class name of each button DIV to dynamically change. Theoretically, I would like the ability to set a class name in the appropriate CMS collection field, and then in the designer, be able to choose a class name based on this dynamic field...AND be able to set that collection field in custom code so that it always populates class names, dynamically.

There may be a more intuitive way to accomplish this or not even computer-ly possible, but that's my idea to my level of understanding :)

  • Brandyss Adams
  • Jan 1 2019