Firefox support for the Designer

When Webflow first launched, we couldn't make the Designer work in Firefox due to a 16 year old bug in that browser that prevented us from styling scrollbars in a dark color:

However, we now have some JavaScript-based workarounds to avoid rendering native scrollbars, and it should theoretically be possible to provide Firefox support (currently it you can open a project, but it's forced into read-only mode) if there's enough demand for it.

Note: Websites published in Webflow already work in Firefox - this idea refers only to making the main Designer application work inside of Firefox.

  • Vlad Magdalin
  • Jan 13 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Nov 27, 2018

    Admin response

    To help us collect better intel on potential bugs and issues around using the Designer in Firefox, we’re now opening up experimental access to the Designer in all modern browsers. Read our update for more details on what to expect and how to help our research.

  • Milk Studio commented
    1 Aug, 2022 09:04am

    I use Firefox over Chrome, as Chrome eats up too many system ressources and makes my Macbook slow.

    I can easily use Webflow in a Chrome window for the editor. But it doesn't work well for me, as it forces me to keep switching between Chrome and Firefox for the editor, and my other windows. Keyboord shortcuts are different as well as the inspectors.

    Also, honestly, I'm not sure how much I would trust a website-building company that doesn't support a browser like Firefox. It sends a completely whack message, in my book, and is reminiscent og legacy software that only works on certain browsers.

    And at the very least, until the issue is fixed I would put up a message to the user saying you do not support Firefox. I wasted an hour and through the problem was on my end. Your editor just stops and the loader hangs forever because of JS error:
    "Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: can't access property 1, u.match(...) is null". I'm in the process of considering having large clients hosted on your technology and that's not very assuring I gotta say.

  • Jared Rice commented
    17 Jun, 2021 02:34pm

    I am fairly new to Webflow and was not aware of the new support for FF. As an avid FF user, I am really glad that it is being supported!

    However, I have noticed a few issues:

    1. There's a lot of fidgeting when scrolling inside of the editor, especially when focused/clicked on a element. Almost like javascript and the browser are competeing.

    2. Usually, after this happens I will notice the editor scrolling up on its own with varying degrees of severity.

    This becomes very frustrating and usually leads to me refreshing every couple minutes.

    I use Firefox on mac (89.0 right now but I saw this issue before the last update).

  • TTT commented
    4 Mar, 2021 01:57am

    Very much agree that full Firefox support woudl be greatly appreciated and the Webflow platform has develped to the point now where attention to this matter makes sense.

  • Dejan commented
    14 Jan, 2021 11:28pm

    Scrolling is very slow in the designer with Firefox.
    I've tried turning off smooth scroll and autoscrolling features,

    even did some ninja hacks in the about:config page, like switching the mousewheel.enable_pixel_scrolling to false and setting the general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMaxMS to 1000
    (found that change apparently fixed the same problem for somebody using an unrelated online tool)

    Nothing helped for the webflow designer though, I guess Chrome is the only way to go for now.

  • Edward Powell commented
    5 Jul, 2020 03:24pm

    Would absolutely love to see full support for Firefox, although it seems to work decently well at the moment!

  • Cley Randal commented
    15 Dec, 2019 11:17pm

    I can't believe a site with a template building proposal doesn't support FireFox!

  • Christian Bulesz commented
    30 Jan, 2019 01:29am

    Thanks, much appreciated.
    Wouldn't it be easier though to simply call FF and tell them to finally fix
    that 16 year old bug???
    Hope for the best,
    Christian Bulesz

  • Kaleb Leon77 commented
    17 Jan, 2019 09:56pm

    Please make it work for Firefox, I'm not moving to Chrome

  • Daniel Alter commented
    10 Jan, 2019 11:39am

    Scrolling using my mouse doesn't work in the designer (latest version of Firefox). Scrolling with the scrollbar is fine, though. Hopefully, this will get fixed soon.

  • Hamish Maclean commented
    4 Jan, 2019 06:53am

    I would like to leave chrome. I like the webflow eye dropper extension though ...

  • Christian Bulesz commented
    24 Dec, 2018 10:40pm

    I'm hoping to see it work in FF too. Has the FF design team been informed about this issue? Is it still the same in FF Quantum? Why would they keep this as is for 16 years while just about everything else changes all the time?

  • Joachim Waledzik commented
    13 Dec, 2018 08:37am

    Most of my clients work with the Firefox Browser...

  • G G commented
    7 Dec, 2018 06:32pm

    It´s now available though not fully supported. Thanks!!!

  • First Class commented
    3 Dec, 2018 12:53pm

    yes please

  • Winston Struye commented
    2 Dec, 2018 06:22pm

    This would be awesome! As someone who supports using small(er) non-profits that don't sell my data for profit, I try to use Firefox as often as possible and often get annoyed when I have to switch to Chrome. I'm looking forward to this.

  • Aaron Guzman commented
    28 Nov, 2018 12:02pm

    Firefox is my default browser. The designer working in Firefox would be awesome.

  • David schlatter commented
    28 Nov, 2018 07:41am

    Yes vote, to add Firefox and Edge as workable browsers for WebFlow. While we may see the world in Chrome...our clients see it many other ways and being able to test, edit and view in those other browsers is important. 

  • Jeffery Plummer commented
    19 Nov, 2018 05:08pm

    Good day.  Still waiting for Firefox/designer support.

    Christmas wish : )

  • Mike Skelly commented
    5 Nov, 2018 05:33pm

    Wings clipped before I can even get started.

    Blocking editing due to an inability to color the scrollbar seems like overkill. I would be okay with a degraded performance notice and a "do you wish to continue" type query.

    Sadly this knocks me out of being able to even consider Webflow at this time.

  • Filip Moerman commented
    5 Nov, 2018 02:51pm

    I would like that to

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