Email Accounts With Webflow Hosting

Currently with almost all other hosting providers, you can create custom email addresses (for example - which can be accessed via Webmail) free of charge as part of the hosting package. There isn't a need to purchase email hosting as it piggybacks off of the hosting server. I think it would be amazing to introduce this to webflow as it brings the whole web package together for clients. If a client (and designers) have to spend $100's+ on web creation/hosting, it would be nice to include email accounts! :)

  • Farhan Munim
  • Jan 2 2019
  • IWOO commented
    10 Jan 08:36

    Moreover, this is the only reason I don't use the domain registration tool with Webflow admin panel. Then i lose my email options if I don't want to go with G-suite. If we could use email accounts with WF, that would solve that problem.

  • Luis Suarez commented
    12 Feb 04:07

    we need this so NOW.