Lightbox issue for Iphone X on landscape mode

Lightboxes work great for every device and screen. Except for iphone X when you rotate the screen...
Due to this problem people need to do lightboxes from scratch.
Which is a mess, adding a button that needs to close the video in the lightbox. It can work with a simple script, but the problem is when you want multiple videos or multiple lightboxes on your page. You have no other choice but to write multiple lines of script code, which will result to a huge loading time. 
We wish you could fix this problem, it would save so much time coding. Because many of Webflow users don't know much about scripting.

Thank you.

  • Cátia Gameiro
  • Jan 2 2019
  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    5 Jan, 2019 12:40am

    I've tested our lightbox using an iPhone X and XS and have confirm that there is a bug with the lightbox.  I'll be reporting this to the team: 

    Thanks for the heads up. 


    Nelson, Customer Success Specialist

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