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Review or rate a product or service after purchase + automatic email to customer Merged

User feedback is one of the key drivers of trust to any store/platform. Thus, enabling people to review their goods/services purchased is key. Allowing an option to automatically ask customers for a review, plus the option to style the message & feedback page would be great.

Of course, we can schedule a campaign manually in Mailchimp or any other tool, asking for user feedback. However, integration with (multi-)reference fields isn't possible in Webflow+Zapier. So it is impossible to get the feedback to integrate with the current CMS allowing products/services to display the rating easily. It would be great to do this from the Editor/Account Settings.

Ideally, I'd see this work as follows:

For the email part

  1. Have an option in the email settings called: "Review or rate follow up email to customer" and;
  2. Ability to style the email
    1. with different automated fields {product name}, {user name}, {image},
    2. option to request for refund,
    3. option for complaint [link to zendesk?] if user is not happy with product/service;
  3. Toggle to switch on/off;
  4. Option to choose to send the email after X-days

For the rating part
[most of this is already possible with standard forms, it just doesn't add to the CMS yet]

  1. Have a different page "Review product / service" to style in the Designer [mandatory if rating is toggled]
  2. Pre-defined form with standard (and possibility to add automated fields based on webhook from email message/unique url).
    "Hi {name}, thanks for giving feedback". What did you think of {product name}?
  3. Possibility to add various options for the scales (time to delivery, value, condition of the goods)
  4. Option to choose between different scales (1-5 stars, 1-10, etc.)
  5. File upload to show the goods received (as on Ebay/Aliexpress)
  6. Possibility to link Zendesk (or any other tool)  if customer is not happy.
  7. Mandatory Thank you page / thank you message.

Webflow has the basic tools to provide this already in place, but integrating this functionality into the CMS would be a game changer imo.

  • IWOO
  • Jan 10 2019
  • Apr 12, 2019

    Admin response

    Monto has posted a great tutorial on how to integrate their platform and add product reviews to your Webflow Ecommerce site.

  • Benjamin Perko commented
    April 03, 2019 23:10

    Hi there,

    we created customer reviews solution for webflow called Monto. Takes less then 5 min to setup. 

    What it does in a nutshell:
    Customers get an email to review the product(s) they bought from you.  Then these reviews are displayed on the correct product pages where you placed the review and star widgets during the setup.

    The whole review process is automated and you can use Monto for managing reviews and customization and oversee everything around customer reviews.

    To conclude with bullet points, It includes:

    - star rating
    - product reviews widget
    - automatic emails to customer 
    - verified purchase tags 
    - up/down vote
    - widget and star rating customization
    - automated review process
    - share review to social media

    New features will be added; such as these for example:
    - mail customization
    - video/photo reviews
    - add own custom ratings

    We would like to grow further with our users and their needs.

    Give it a try and let us know how we can make it even better for you. There is no credit card needed to sign up and the first 100 reviews are free and access to all features.

    You can see more and get started here: 

    Our team will be ready to whatever help you might need.