Fully-integrated SEO solution - ie: Yoast SEO (WordPress plug-in) for Webflow

- Add SEO tools to the CMS (ie: SEO settings, Open Graph settings, etc.)

- Readability analysis of page, CMS article

- Focus keyword(s)/related keywords for SEO rating of page/CMS element

- SEO analysis of page/CMS article for titles, content length, internal/external links, etc.

- Grammarly (like) checking tool or integration

- Open Graph settings for different social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • Barrett Telfer
  • Jan 10 2019
  • Already exists
  • Sam Tuke commented
    1 Dec, 2023 09:20pm

    Using the webflow CMS content editor, SEO still feels like an afterthought as we approach 2024. We get zero feedback during composition, and close to no control AFAICS. Surprising and disappointing.

  • Tim Winter commented
    6 Oct, 2022 09:12pm

    Currently, you can't even exclude URLs from the autogenerated xml sitemap. No one wants to manually update their sitemap every time something is published. Content that is set to noindex or blocked by robots.txt should never make its way into a sitemap...it's bad for SEO. But yeah, Webflow is great at SEO :/

  • Daniel Dahlström commented
    28 Sep, 2021 10:05am

    Please don't open pandoras box by allowing the creation of plugins like Yoast.
    Webflow is for designers and developers.
    If anyone feels the need to use plugins, go for WordPress.

  • Steve Bayer commented
    18 Jun, 2021 02:33pm

    Thanks for this thread. Yeah, Yoast a great plugin for SEO no dout. I already installed this plugin for my WordPress website. But before building up a new website you need to choose a good domain name. You get take help from this one https://sitechecker.pro/web-hosting/domain.com/ I hope that help!

  • Iseult commented
    2 Oct, 2020 02:59pm

    What is the likelihood of getting Yoast or (something simlar) on the system in the future?

  • Jobi commented
    13 Jul, 2020 06:06am

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  • Hamish Maclean commented
    17 Mar, 2020 12:44am

    To say this already exists is really off the mark! Try running a webflow blog post through the facebook debugger. Fail https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/. Webflow needs get in tune the SEO driven designer. Efficiency here can enable us to spend more time on the design side

  • Chris Erickson commented
    4 Dec, 2019 08:21pm

    Can I downvote this? Webflow is PERFECT for SEO. Please, whatever you do, don't make this platform like Wordpress. 

  • Jan Richter commented
    29 Oct, 2019 01:29am

    It sais "already exists". But Yoast is very special and should be something that really needs to integrated in Webflow. 

  • Sunny Yadav commented
    28 Jun, 2019 03:29pm

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  • Kevin Palombo commented
    24 Jun, 2019 06:46am

    My solutions for improving SEO with Webflow: 

    - Using Semrush for going really in depth and improve keywords/content/content strategy/... link: http://bit.ly/2J3vZMo

    - For blog posts I use a tool called Storychief that streams your article at many places with one click. Inside of Storychief you are able to write and analyse your content with a tool like Yoast (0%-100%) link: http://bit.ly/2E8k1yw

    Webflow has built in all you need to insert the basics. To go deeper I suggest to use tools that 100% focus on SEO.


  • Andres Luna commented
    18 Apr, 2019 04:22pm

    Hello Webflow team,


    I second Barrett and Benny. SEO is extremely important and it's highly desirable to have access to advanced SEO controls. Otherwise, Wordpress+Yoast seems to be the way to go when SEO fine-tuning is looked for.





  • Benny commented
    20 Mar, 2019 11:08am

    Hi Nelson form Webflow,

    do you have any news regarding the request from Barrett?

    For my future project this is also essential.

    Thanks a lot


  • Barrett Telfer commented
    22 Jan, 2019 04:55pm

    Hi Webflow Team,

    Yes, I know Webflow has basic SEO capabilities – my suggestion asks for more depth to the tools currently available. The feature set I describe goes beyond the basic tools currently available.

    * If you’ve ever used “Yoast SEO” which is a WordPress plug-in, you’ll know what additional page readability and keyword analysis is available.
    * Webflow doesn’t allow for different images to be used for different social media sharing images – ie: having the images (dimensions) different across the platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Also, the Open Graph ability isn’t integrated into the CMS tool – allowing a user the ability to set Open Graph information per CMS item (similar to a page), but instead only allows Open Graph information on the CMS Collection Page Templates.
    * Grammarly is a separate tool, but it would be nice to have a Grammarly plug-in for Webflow.


    Creative Director, Modern Earth

    Neovation Corporation

  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    18 Jan, 2019 10:55pm

    You can already add SEO data (meta tags and open graph) without a plugin in Webflow:



    Hope this helps :)

    Nelson, Customer Success Specialist

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