Add CMS content inline (inside text like a span)

One feature I've wanted for a while now is the ability to give span elements the ability to get text from a CMS collection

  • Randy Lough
  • Jan 19 2017
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  • Ben commented
    12 Aug, 2023 04:51pm

    Welcome to Webflow. Where years can go by with no progress on bug fixes or feature requests.

  • Patrick MW commented
    15 Dec, 2022 12:51am

    Why is this not already a thing?

  • Alex Bass commented
    9 Nov, 2022 09:27pm

    This would make my life SO much easier, honestly shocked it still doesn't seem to exist? Makes creating many more complex landing pages incredibly difficult.

    Anyone aware of a workaround? Shocked it still seems to be missing nearly 6 years later...

  • Goldyn Daupin commented
    6 Sep, 2022 10:16pm

    Definitely need this!

  • Ryan Buckley commented
    4 Sep, 2022 08:27pm

    For real guys... get this done. Been using Webflow for one day and I already need this.

  • Jori Van Keulen commented
    15 Jul, 2022 09:50am

    Yes much needed

  • John Siciliano commented
    12 May, 2022 12:17am

    Yes please. Check out how Duda implmenets this. They basically allow double brackets "{{" and it pulls up a UI that lets you choose the CMS item to insert. Thanks guys.

  • Per-Erik Ingjer commented
    8 Mar, 2022 10:00pm

    Agreed. For SEO purposes I need a H1 like "[Text from CMS] + static text" like mentioned below.

    The only solution now is to add a field in the collection and manually enter the complete heading for each Collection Item.

  • Josh Arras commented
    4 Feb, 2022 05:56pm

    Really need this feature. Is this something that is being considered or should we just assume it won't be added at this point?

  • Thomas Busson commented
    20 Dec, 2021 02:08pm

    Upvote - Use case: "[Text from CMS] + static text"

  • Kyle Schmitz commented
    2 Dec, 2021 02:29pm


    My use case is wanting to have a numerical "Read Time" in the CMS, and only having to enter a number in the CMS instead of also having to type "min read" each time in the Collection.

  • SH commented
    9 Nov, 2021 11:36am

    3years and a half... i think it's time to give up on Webflow. Other companies are putting rockets into orbit faster than you do basic stuff like this.

  • SH commented
    9 Nov, 2021 11:35am

    The worst thing about this is that if you have a static text and a cms text in the same heading, webflow will create 2-3 different headings which will kill your SEO. I dont understand why this is not built in already.

  • Dave Foy commented
    30 Mar, 2021 08:24pm

    Meant to say: while it would be ideal to simply highlight a portion of text in a headline (for example) and make it dynamic, I'm reminded of how Elementor (a WordPress page builder plugin) handles creating smaller pieces of dynamic text.

    In Elementor, you assign an element to a collection (e.g. a headline), and choose the field it should use from that collection to populate the text. So far, pretty much same as Webflow.

    But then, they also have a 'before' and 'after' field in the settings for the element. This gives you the option to add some text to come before the dynamic text and/or after.

    That way, you can easily construct a hybrid headline of static and dynamic text. It works great.

    Just an idea of how this might be implemented.

  • Dave Foy commented
    29 Mar, 2021 09:31am

    I'm constantly telling everyone how amazing the CMS is (and it is!). But I've just hit this need to be able to display dynamic CMS data inline, a really simple use case. I can't quite believe it's not possible, without setting multiple list items to display inline.

  • Pierre commented
    4 Dec, 2020 01:51pm

    Needed please!! 🙏

  • Vianney Percq commented
    16 Oct, 2020 09:27am

    Needed please.

  • Djoe commented
    11 Apr, 2020 12:03am

    This is very much needed and easy to implement.

  • Marc Jeschke commented
    22 Jul, 2019 06:27pm

    Absolutely great idea, I´m struggling with the same problem...

  • Stu Goymer commented
    24 Jun, 2019 11:31am

    Oh man this is SO needed now!

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