Event and booking calendar

I have several clients who need an event or booking calendar on their site.  sinse Webflow does not have one, I have to use Wordpress for those sites, which I am not so happy about, since I find Webflow a much better platform, and a lot easier to work with.  So please, please make an event / booking calendar.

  • Anne cecilie Nygård
  • Jan 11 2019
  • Andrea Irvin commented
    28 May 04:36am

    I wish I could put 1000 votes to this. This is a money making market. If Webflow could allow this, I swear I would pay triple the subscription I pay now to have this. It is super important that this is made. Please! Yes on dynamic user/member schedule booking and event booking.

  • Didacus Jones commented
    15 Oct, 2019 11:56am

    Are there any alternatives for now? Ones that I can integrate with Webflow. 

  • Chris Gardiner commented
    12 Aug, 2019 10:59pm

    I actually just got a request for this and that would be a real handle addition..

  • Karel Rosseel commented
    30 Jan, 2019 10:32pm

    please who can make an exaple to integrate firebase/store and Knack with Webflow and Zamier?



  • Brandon Mosco commented
    16 Jan, 2019 12:07am

    Anne, have you thought about using something like Firebase or Knack to create your own WebApp for these such sites?  You would then be able to integrate it into the site.

  • Karel Rosseel commented
    14 Jan, 2019 06:34am

    i also uses google calendar plugin for Adobe Muse to see when a booking-for-rent is occupeid.  but how to integrate Google Calendar in Webflow.  somebody? https://musewidgets.com/products/google-calendar

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