Event and booking calendar

I have several clients who need an event or booking calendar on their site.  sinse Webflow does not have one, I have to use Wordpress for those sites, which I am not so happy about, since I find Webflow a much better platform, and a lot easier to work with.  So please, please make an event / booking calendar.

  • Anne cecilie Nygård
  • Jan 11 2019
  • Karel Rosseel commented
    14 Jan 06:34

    i also uses google calendar plugin for Adobe Muse to see when a booking-for-rent is occupeid.  but how to integrate Google Calendar in Webflow.  somebody? https://musewidgets.com/products/google-calendar

  • Brandon Mosco commented
    16 Jan 00:07

    Anne, have you thought about using something like Firebase or Knack to create your own WebApp for these such sites?  You would then be able to integrate it into the site.

  • Karel Rosseel commented
    30 Jan 22:32

    please who can make an exaple to integrate firebase/store and Knack with Webflow and Zamier?



  • Chris Gardiner commented
    12 Aug 22:59

    I actually just got a request for this and that would be a real handle addition..

  • Didacus Jones commented
    15 Oct 11:56

    Are there any alternatives for now? Ones that I can integrate with Webflow.