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Create easy CSS and JS versioning support for exported sites Merged

Since Webflow hosting is quite expensive and also it is still lacking some crucial features, at least 50% of my clients still choose to host elsewhere.

Whenever we export Webflow sites to external hosting, it is often quite a hassle with the browser cache after each update, so I have to manually add versioning.

Amount of work grows expanentionally with the number of pages in the project. Would be awesome to be able to set current date as a version for all stylesheets etc in the exported site.


  • Dmitry Ratnikov
  • Jan 11 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Josh Pitt commented
    29 Mar, 2021 11:36am

    Is there any update on if this will be released? Would be great if css and javascript versioning happened automatically on export.

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