Client/Project Management Options In Dashboard

I recently saw a demo for SiteJet, another Webflow style online website builder. The ONLY thing they had that was cool was that on their dashboard it had the ability to choose what step of the project timeline the website was at and filter the dashboard based on those project milestones. You can also see stats based on those milestones and the revenue you're making from your projects. (See attached images for more details)

  • Steven Meyer
  • Jan 11 2019
  • Kai Max commented
    14 Feb 07:42

    Project Management is really important when it comes to doing work on client projects or tasks. That's why rushessays train their students for multiple works so they handle it easily.

  • Senor Snow commented
    October 02, 2019 23:55

    Yes this totally makes sense. It will actually help the aspect of the project management, I believe you have focused so much on the aspect of bringing in No Code Design that you forgot about your Dashboard and how it could be way better, you guys have the potential to bring what SiteJet is already doing. 

  • Rendertask Company commented
    October 02, 2019 23:47

    We need this! Please!

  • Grapheec Company commented
    October 02, 2019 23:42

    Take a look at the way they make it easier for the designers to be organized and how they even provide a client portal. I believe they have powerful tools in project management for websites. Webflow has powerful tools in web design, so you guys should just introduce this type of tool to make it simpler and better. If Sitejet did it.. you can too. 😀

    Hope this makes an impact and helps the Webflow community!

  • Grapheec Company commented
    October 02, 2019 23:33

    Yes, I can't believe how this feature is not on the top of the list. I think it will help designers to be more organized to be able to triple their earnings... which will automatically help us pay for the cost of the subscription on Webflow.

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