Pay cash on delivery

Some clients in developing countries require cash payment on delivery in addition to the credit card. That would help us a lot to migrate to Webflow

  • Zouhair Majzoub
  • Jan 17 2019
  • Talha Sabri commented
    12 Jun 10:18am

    Completely defeats the purpose of this platform if basic options aren't available. Guess I'll just export this to wordpress. Thanks for the design tool I guess?

  • Encontrar FoodTruck commented
    9 Jun 06:25pm

    Great feature

  • Frank Levasseur commented
    30 May 10:37pm

    that's really a must enable...

    We tried automatically fill the cc number input box with our own cc number in javascript, but in input box is contained in a iframe so its impossible to do so...

  • Zan commented
    19 May 06:40am

    Such a powerful e-commerce platform doesn't not support simple cash on delivery option.

  • Rob Satrom commented
    19 May 12:15am

    cannabis store, food delivery businesses are both wanting this right now.

  • ASHNA commented
    16 May 04:18pm

    This is very much required in India. If Webflow, can provide features like this then it will be a major game changed in ecommerce field.

  • Kuruvilla Choolackal commented
    22 Apr 11:17am

    We defiantly need this for India. Also a custom payment option like Shopify will be very useful.

  • Shayer Rizvi commented
    21 Apr 11:45pm

    Sweden needs a option for swish

  • 5555 commented
    21 Apr 06:40pm


  • Ahmed Harbaoui commented
    8 Apr 11:06am

    Dear webflow team, please implement this. This is now much needed.

  • David Garcia commented
    5 Apr 10:11pm

    This is a must specially now it times of Coronavirus. Please implement this feature.

  • David Blanchard commented
    1 Apr 06:36pm

    Please implement this! We need it now more than ever.

  • Cristian Albu commented
    13 Jan 12:23pm

    In Romania most people pay with cash when they purchase from an online store. Even the delivery company said that if we don't work with cash on delivery, our e-commerce store will be dead in 1 month. Without cash on delivery solution my team and I will have to change to another solution than webflow. And we really really like webflow.

  • Dominic Summers commented
    7 Nov, 2019 06:26pm

    This is so very needed, operating an online store based in Kingston, Jamaica where access to debit/credit cards is limited. Loved webflow for the design capabilities but was an honest mistake to build without checking for this availability first. If no workaround is found I will be forced to switch to WordPress.

  • Prathan Mongkolchaichawan commented
    30 Apr, 2019 06:24am

    In Thailand, cash on delivery is really how we can capture order online. Please add this feature. Thank you.

  • Robin Klaiss commented
    24 Apr, 2019 05:34am

    Cash on delivery is very important! My market is located in the third world and having cash on delivery is a must! Pleaseeeeeeee

  • Noy Winzigster commented
    17 Jan, 2019 10:36pm

    Having stripe integration is great, but for restaurants, I would love to see cash on delivery as an option.  

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