Sendcloud / Shipping tool plugin integrations

Understand there are more important things on the plate. However, this feature will save us many hours of processing shipment / returns. 

Sendcloud has already integrations with all the other major ecommerce platforms out there. Weblow next?

  • Mark Berman
  • Jan 20 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Guest commented
    2 May, 2022 10:45am

    Hello, been running a ecom buissnes for a few years now. First shipping everything by normal mail (mail office only accepted handwritten postal labels so imagine the time I spent doing that.) later by a very nice but extremely expensive external fulfillment center. So for my next shipping “adventure” I would like to try to ship again. I was planning to build my new site using webflow but noticed they only had Shippo available as the shipping service. I watched a few videos online and it seemed pretty straight forward but then I tested it and shipping from Europe only allows me to log in using a already established account with the very limited couriers provided. So essentially only working as a printing service. No discounts at all. :(

    So for my question, is there any other shipping API or how ever you wanna call it that works with any of the major ecom platforms for the European market? I would prefer something easy as I’m not very keen on coding so please no custom importing. Looking for answers like “use Shopify because they have “shippiu” and I tried it and it works super well”

  • Daniele Muscia commented
    22 Mar, 2021 03:07pm

    Having an integration with a shipping service is crucial for operations and Shippo at the moment has just few expensive partner in Europe.

  • Anthony Jansen commented
    12 Jul, 2019 09:20am

    If SendCloud would be made available for Zapier, we could possibly create some flows to load and/or update orders from Webflow.

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