Reinstate Device Specific Element Visibility

This functionality is being removed from the webflow designer UI so I'm creating a wishlist request to reinstate it:

Device Specific Element Visibility

It is highly useful to be able to stop an element from loading altogether on a particular device to save bloat desktop code and assets loading when they aren't required. This increases page load speed, eliminates duplicate content issues and improves SEO for mobile specific designs.

The css class Display: None continues to load the code and assets even if they are hidden in the viewport. Display: None is also difficult to apply across hidden classes with Webflow’s class system, and elements cannot be easily manipulated when hidden in the editor.

I propose the device specific element visibility functionality is reinstated and any bugs ironed out using the buttons previously available in the webflow designer UI.

  • Michael Naylor
  • Jan 21 2019
  • and 4 more