Simple Modification to Editor Setting on Elements- Massive Benefit

Webflow Community - Essential Control Feature: Having the ability to control if an element can be edited by Collaborators is fantastic
HOWEVER the requirement to set each one individually is extremely time consuming but essential if you want to maintain the site design. I understand the setting use to be off by default and is now on by default. I suggest a "simple" change to the setting as per attached image would be a vast improvement and allow better-controlled collaboration with content creators. 

By adding an additional Tick Box in Editor Settings to Include Child Elements that would apply the On/Off Collaborator Edit Status to all children of the current element it would vastly reduce the time/effort to control this feature and make sure collaborators did not stuff up the site. 


The CMS is a great feature of Webflow and yes additional roles and approvals etc would be great CMS improvements but this feature is so important to save deveopment time and control ongoing site design/quality.

  • Kevin Baum
  • Jan 23 2019