Set multiple images per product variant

At the moment you can only have the main product image switch as you toggle between product variants. It'd be much better to be able to set multiple images per-variant that all switch when you toggle.

  • Barrett Johnson
  • Feb 6 2019
  • Shipped
  • Sep 19, 2019

    Admin Response

    We're happy to announce that the ability to add a set of unique images for each product variant has been shipped. Read more about it in our latest update.

  • Seth Ferguson commented
    30 Mar 21:12

    Yes please! This is a super common design pattern for product pages.

    Allbirds is a great example of how switching variants changes all the product images. A related but separate request would be an image slider component that has thumbnail and zoom features built in.


  • Amanda Roper commented
    12 Jul 22:15

    Hi, is there any ETA on this feature? It will be pretty darn cool when it happens!

  • Gerard Tamarit commented
    27 Jul 13:53

    This is a must!

  • Martina Drabkova commented
    02 Sep 18:46

    Anyone figured out a way how to at least hide the other (wrong) images for other variants while only showing the correct main one?