class 'anchor' should be possible! to add negative topmargin

Padding Top in a section is a solution to point to a section without problem correct if a menu is sticky.. but with menu-height changing in breakpoints all sections need to be changed!

A class for section with but 'margin top' should better to be able to point correct to a section: make this also possible!

Padding Top nice solution but not 'for all sections into a large website manuelly to change? ’ for me this is not a correct solution because I like more to change topmargin instead of padding for all mediaqueries… can there be made an extra option-behavior for the margin… it should work the same way as the code below: anchor becomes a class and set position higher ‘the height/higher then the section’ so there is no padding neither topmargin required also… because in code there is a possibility to a put the anchor as a class higher… so for me the value of the class=‘anchor’ can be simple the height of the topmargin…
and when changing to other mediaquery only the class ‘anchor-m’ need to change to the same value of the stickymenu height.

plaese can you make the possibility to checkmark ‘anchor starts at top margin’ look to

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  • Feb 8 2019